The Top 7 Industries that Need Video Marketing

With broadband and fast data networks commonplace, video advertising is set to boom in 2017

Video advertising is fast becoming the preferred method for audiences to digest content and access insightful information. Indeed video marketing can be a very powerful tool in your media strategy. A marketing tool helping you to get the right message across and reaching your customers in a new and exciting way.

A sound video marketing plan is an incredibly creative way of creating content on behalf of your brand. It’s clear that as we go into 2017 that the trend of using video in marketing has increased rapidly.

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The Top 7 Industries that Need Video Marketing
The Top 7 Industries that Need Video Marketing

According to Cisco, 80% of consumer internet traffic will be in the form of video by 2019. You’ve probably seen an increase yourself, without even realising. The rise in the use of Snapchat, videos as you scroll through your Facebook feed, and even using FaceTime to speak to family and friends.

Video advertising owes some of it’s growth to the increases in performance gained from home and business broadband and networks. Previously low data speeds would make video advertising prohibitive. That is no longer the case, additionally powerful compression technologies crunch the data streams. Video ads are now smooth and quick, even over a 3g mobile phone.

Video is now becoming a new way for businesses to promote themselves and their services. In fact video is often seen as being able to hold greater engagement than traditional display ads. Display ads have long been fighting a losing war against so called banner ad blindness.

In years to come this condition will probably adversely affect video ads also as well as native ads which is another popular format. However as of right now video advertising is booming. So what prime industries would benefit the most from a video marketing strategy?

The Top 7 Industries that Need Video Marketing

As video marketing booms in 2017 we examine some of the industries set to benefit the most from the growth in demand for video advertising. Video advertising offers excellent opportunities for engagement with potential clients and customers like never before.

Hospitality and Video Advertising

Hospitality and Video Marketing 2017
Hospitality and Video Marketing 2017 : Video is fast becoming the preferred method for audiences to digest content and access insightful information.

If pictures are worth a thousand words, imagine the power of video. If you run a hotel or a B&B, you probably already have galleries or photo albums to show off your rooms and facilities. But what if you used video? Showcasing your décor, the different rooms and communal areas can really bring things to life.

It doesn’t matter if you are a rustic, one-off B&B in a rural town, or a national chain of luxury hotels, video can entice new visitors very easily. Show off your establishment in the best light, and watch the bookings flood in!

What’s more, if you’re trying to compete with other hotels in the area, video can help your site to show higher in search results. Now that Google owns YouTube, video can have a huge impact!

Restaurants and Bars

Novikov Restaurant and Bar
Restaurants and bars can also benefit from video advertising – pictured is Novikov Restaurant and Bar in Mayfair

Much like the hotel industry, having videos of your restaurant or bar can give people a real feel for what the place is like. Whether it’s the ambience of the place or showing off the skills of your chef. There’s nothing more exciting than seeing a restaurant in action and in motion!

Creating a video for your restaurant or bar can show a new element of your establishment and reveal what makes you so different. Giving you that competitive edge, video marketing is a great advertising medium.

For Healthcare Services

Healthcare video marketing
Healthcare video marketing

With a constant demand for better transparency within the medical industry, and even educating the public on particular matters, video is a great way to carry it out. Trust can be difficult to achieve, but video can help massively. Providing interesting information, instead of trying to sell or openly advertise. This can be a more encouraging way to open up your business to your customers.

Video can ignite emotion and reduce cynicism surrounding the healthcare industry and what is involved. Helping people become more aware, there are hundreds of opportunities to use video to your advantage.

Video Advertising in the Finance Sector

Video Marketing Finance Sector
The finance sector is one industry where clients can be better educated or persuaded with video

With everything moving to a digital platform, many customers will probably feel removed from the process and may even need educating as to what happens to their money. Clients will no doubt welcome video content that gives them a better insight.

Creating videos that shows the process within your company can make customers feel at ease, even if it’s something as simple as a team introduction, so that people are able to put a friendly face to the name.

Testimonials, explainer videos and other such video formats are great ways to utilise video as a way of telling everyone why your company works so well.

E-commerce and Video Advertising

E-commerce and Video Advertising
Video marketing offers operators of online stores such as those based on the Shopify ecommerce platform exciting ways to promote their products on social media and other channels.

Within e-commerce, there are so many different ways to advertise your products. It doesn’t matter if you’re selling fashion or furniture. Video is one of the best ways to show customers a real representation of your available items.

Allowing potential customers to see your products just as well as if they were in a shop, it could have a significant impact on sales or conversions. Video is already used on the Facebook advertising platform for example to help boost engagement there.

Having someone model the latest dress, or using a particular chair in a real room setting, could set you apart from your competitors very easily.

Video Advertising For Agencies

Top Digital Marketing Agencies 2017
Video is a great way for agencies to educate clients and stand out in an otherwise big crowd

As an agency, you are probably familiar with long sales processes and the pressure of getting contracts signed. That, combined with huge competition, can mean you need something that singles you out.

Video can equip you with the chance to give potential clients a first-hand look into how your agency works. To explain why they should sign up with you instead of your rival. Clients often switch off when battered with too much tech.

After all they employ you because they do not understand these aspects in the first place. Video can take much of the pain of explaining complex issues away, particularly for SEO firms and other high tech digital agencies.

Video has been proven to increase sales and build trust, and even show great ROI. So if you’re an agency, video could be just the thing you’re looking for.

Non Profit Organizations

Non Profit Video MarketingMost of the time, nonprofit organizations are doing something really cool and unique, often for a good cause. Video is great for story-telling and shouting about the great things you’re trying to achieve. Using video to not only inform others, you can also use it to inspire people to get involved. It’s something people want to hear about, and video can provide an invaluable platform to engage your audience. Video helps whether it’s through interviews or simply just an explainer video!

It seems no matter what industry you are in, video marketing can play a huge brand in brand awareness and brand perception. Video marketing used to have a significant barrier to entry. The costs of filming and post production were high.

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This feature article was produced by the DesignBump Team. We enjoy writing about Web Design, Digital Marketing, Interior Design, Product Design, Architecture and anything else related to design, technology and marketing.

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