Whether you spend every day at home or find yourself the host of movie nights, your house and the way it looks is important. You may want a stylish house just to impress guests and keep them talking, but the general aesthetic and feel of a room can affect your overall mood if you are home a lot.

The way you decorate your home will affect how bright, tall, big, and clean a space feels. There are many different ways to bring out your own personal style using décor and furniture pieces. This list will help you bring life to your home in eight simple and creative ways.

1. Gallery walls


Walls are often left empty and forgotten. With so many throughout a home, it is easy to just see past them and focus on other aspects of décor and furnishings. Adding décor to a wall can completely change the way a room looks.

For example, you can create an accent wall in your living room. If you do not want to include a different paint color for your accent wall, you can focus entirely on the décor portion. Take a specific wall and think about the overall aesthetic for the room you desire. Then, search for frames, pictures, mirrors, baskets, and any other items that fit the general idea and aesthetic you are going for.

After you’ve collected a variety of items, begin to space them out on your chosen wall in a way that is visually pleasing. You may have to rearrange things a few times until everything works out, but it will end up elevating your space. Your wall will become a personal art gallery, which only adds sophistication and elegance to your home.

If you are trying to stay as classy and sophisticated as possible, you may buy impressionism art to place in your frames. Some of the most iconic art pieces are impressionism, and you can find prints as well that will be recognizable to most guests.

2. Plants and greenery


If there is a corner in a room that feels empty, you may want to try placing a tall plant there. Plants have become a major style piece over the past few years, and the wide variety gives you plenty to choose from.

Even if you are not fond of the idea of taking care of so many plants, you can go for cacti and other plants that require less attention. One of the most important parts of using plants as décor is the pot you choose to place the plant in. Make sure the pot fits your overall aesthetic.

3. Embrace curves and rounded edges


When furnishing your home, you will want to search for pieces that are curved more often than square. Rounded edges help to elevate a room and can provide more space for other décor. Square and harsh edges can cause a room to appear smaller and boxed-in.

4. Go bold with color and pattern choice


If you are more into neutral colors and minimalism, then stick to what you know best. But spicing up a room with bold and bright colors and patterns has become a major trend. Maximalism is all about pops of color and funky décor, which goes alongside with trending styles from the 1970’s and 1980’s.

5. Mirrors are your friend


Mirrors can be utilized to reflect natural light back into the room, creating a brighter space. If you don’t want to go big with a floor-to-ceiling mirror, you can find a medium size and strategically place it where the light hits directly.

You can also add frames to mirrors and create a wall gallery with all mirrors. You can also find disco balls in various sizes, and hang them so that fun fragments of light will shine throughout the room. Mirrors are a great addition to any room, especially when you can play with the way they reflect light.

6. Patterned rugs


Even if you go with neutral furniture and white walls, you still have the opportunity to add something special to each room. Rugs are a great statement piece, and can fit under furniture, so they don’t take up any extra room.

You can find various sizes of rugs and you can even have a rug idea custom-made so that your space is even more personal. Just a simple splash of color on your rug can make a room appear much more stylish.

7. Tall bookshelves create sophistication


Books are perfect for a sophisticated look. Education comes from literature, so showing off all of the information you have is quite stylish. Tall bookcases are regal, and give you the opportunity to display all of the books you have collected.

You can also use these bookshelves to display any odds and ends or trinkets that you have collected over the years. The important part about styling a bookcase is all about what things you put on each shelf, and how you organize those things.

8. Wall and floor stickers


If you rent the home you live in, wall and floor stickers are a great way to temporarily add style to the apartment or house. You can find removable floor tiles that can be placed in kitchens, bathrooms, and any other room that needs something special.

You can also find wall decals that can be placed on walls to add arches to doorways, or bring fun colorful lines to an otherwise plain wall.

What really makes a house stylish?


In reality, a stylish home means nothing if it isn’t functional and accessible. The biggest trend over the past few years has been to focus on functionality and sustainability when designing each room of your house. Style is all about accessing your own personal style, and showing off your interests with each decor piece.

The place you call home should feel like you. As you try some of these home decor ideas, you can embellish your place to be as stylish as possible, all while adding your own personal touch to each piece you add or create.