The Tokyo Olympics has given us some of the very best examples of sportspersonship and stellar performances one after another in all fields, be it the javelin throw, the tennis singles, the basketball performances, judo, boxing and so on. But, other than all this, the Tokyo Olympics also has an amazing array of sports stars strutting down the Olympic alleyways with fashion statements to be remembered for ages. These dresses are usually courtesy of designers from the country from where the Olympic participant hails. The incredible team uniforms, single designer costumes, performance costumes and more thrilled the sports community and the fashion community alike.

While there were extensive reviews and comments on Ralph Lauren’s fashion statement for Team U.S.A, several Twitter users almost broke the internet with their extreme fascination with Telfar Clemens’ outfit design for Liberia. But, this is most definitely not all the fashion statements there were in the Tokyo Olympics this year. Scroll through this article to know more about the kind of dazzling dresses and outfits that inspired the fashion community to sit up and take note. We are sure you will too!

The following is a list of all the very best outfits, prepared in conjunction with, that mesmerized the audience and the fashion police this year at the Tokyo Olympics:

  • Telfar Clemens’ Liberian Parade: Liberian- American fashion designer Telfar Clemens has taken the world of fashion by storm again ever since he designed the outfits for Team Liberia for this year’s Tokyo Olympics. Clemens has gone all the way this year with his spectacular designs of 70 genderless, yes, that’s correct, outfits including everything from unitary, leggings, sweats, shorts, track spikes and so on. All limited edition and soon to be available, they have the Liberian flag as a show of solidarity towards his birth country;
  • Misia’s Candy Outfit: Guess who looked like a whole ball of multi-coloured candy? Japan’s own singer-songwriter par excellence, Misia. While performing the National Anthem of Japan, “Kimi Ga Yo” at the opening ceremony, Misia looked so pretty in her fluffy candy number from ace designer Tomo Koizumi that sighs could be heard from far and wide. Koizumi’s larger than life tulle outfits have a distinct fan base for a reason!
  • US Gymnasts’ Custom Swavroski Leotards: The US Gymnasts have really been given the best fashion wear this year by their country. And mind you, their leotards have been absolutely smashing! Not only that, the US Gymnast Team has had an amazingly extravagant gift from GK Elite who have been designing the leotards for the gymnasts since 2000. This year each leotard has been custom made for the woman wearing them, with glittering Swavroski crystals of around 3500 added to each one-piece. And this is just for training!


Looking back at the Tokyo Olympics is a sure delight when it comes to looking at the very best opportunities provided for sports and fashion alike.