Lockdown was a time for making big decisions. Some people bought a house, some adopted a cat, and some got engaged. The beginning of most wedding journeys starts with a unique, individual engagement ring, and it’s natural to want to carry this individuality through to the big day.

Planning a wedding can be a daunting process, and if you’re not a fan of the old-fashioned “something borrowed, something blue” approach, you may be wondering how to plan a celebration without such antiquated traditions.

Here are some suggestions on how to bring your special day into the 21st century.

Find a unique venue

Look for a wedding venue that suits the taste and personality of you and your fiancé. There’s no need to choose a church or hotel, and a more creative venue will make your wedding feel unique, fun and modern.

Many art galleries and museums offer wedding packages, as well as some other places that might seem surprising.

An exciting venue may also make your wedding day more memorable and help it stand out from the countless other weddings your guests are likely to be attending.

Forget the white dress rule

Not everyone wants to walk down the aisle in a flowing, white gown, so if you’d feel more comfortable in a pink dress, wear one!

Remember: you don’t have to choose a dress. It’s not uncommon to get married in a sarong on a beach these days, so wear what makes you feel confident and beautiful.

Your wedding will be one of the most important days of your life. You’ll want to look back at the photos in years to come and be happy with the outfit you chose, knowing it reflected who you are.

Consider a themed wedding

A themed wedding can be a great alternative to a traditional service and will be a lot of fun for you and your guests.

For a personal touch, choose a theme which links to a particular interest you share with your partner. For example, if you have a soft spot for musicals, a Grease-inspired day full of leather jackets and tea dresses could be just the ticket!

Set a dress code for guests which suits the less traditional day, have the caterer create a menu that fits the tone and hire a live music act to put on a good show. The possibilities with a themed wedding are endless!

Switch up the traditional timeline

A classic wedding ceremony usually begins between one o’clock and three o’clock, but there’s no rule to say this is how it must be.

Shake things up by getting married mid-morning and having a wedding brunch afterwards to celebrate. Of course, some people may be quite tipsy by the time the afternoon rolls around, but at least you’ll be able to wrap up at a decent hour!