That is all they see — rocks when most folks look at rocks on the floor. Yet possibility is seen by artist Melinda Gaspar.

Yet it was not paper and conventional canvases for her. Instead, the art of Gaspar blossom on the surfaces of smooth rocks within nature. Using a stable hand as well as tiny brushes, she creates masterpieces that are miniature on the rocks, drawing on inspiration from pop culture, nature, conventional layouts, and her very own imagination.

Gaspar has created hundreds of pieces that are very in-depth, bright coloured, and carefully painted on rocks, and is an exceptionally productive painter. It’s possible for you to view her work on website and her Facebook page, where you are able to even purchase a painted stone of your very own!

Traditional Hungarian motifs are also a popular choice in her work, and feature bold floral shapes.

Other rocks are painted to look like Easter eggs…

…Or to have beautifully stylized images on them, like these.

Other times, Gaspar takes a more realistic route and creates stunningly lifelike images on the stones.

She can create just about anything!