Looking for a professional and easy to use solution for time tracking, invoicing and managing your business accounting? FreshBooks is the best online solution – serving small business owners – because it specializes in cloud accounting so you can track time and invoice your clients on the go, from any device.


The platform is very intuitive – it all begins with creating your account and accessing your personal page. Mosey over to the invoice tab and you can create an invoice, choose the payment methods (supported payment methods include PayPal and Stripe) and send the invoice in seconds.  This can be done by e-mail and surprisingly even snail mail (for a nominal fee, they’ll actually send the paper invoice to the customer's physical address, the old fashion way!). 


There’s no software to install as everything is online, and your account can even be accessed from your iPhone, Android and iPad by installing the app of your choice. The mobile apps are just as easy to use as FreshBooks itself since mostly everything you can do with FreshBooks’ web platform is doable on your mobile device as well. A nice nifty feature of the apps is being able to snap a photo of a business expense and upload it right to the expenses area of your account. 

FreshBooks is also compatible with many other services including Wufoo, Mailchimp, Stripe, Zen Payroll, Capsule and Paypal, just to name a few. 


When you issue an invoice, customers are sent to a personalized page that shows your logo and offers them multiple payment options so you always look extremely professional with FreshBooks.

When it comes to the price tag, FreshBooks is extremely affordable and grows with your business. If you have three clients or less, the service is completely free. For a maximum of 25 clients, FreshBooks is only $19.95 per month. There are a couple additional packages that offer even more features, including project management options and staff. 


While FreshBooks is very easy to use, in the case you do need a little assistance, they provide award-winning customer support. Help is just a phone call or email away, plus there’s a quick start guide and comprehensive video tutorials available 24/7.

I have been using FreshBooks for several months now and highly recommend it to anyone who is fed up with invoicing the old-fashioned way. I get to focus on the work I love and let FreshBooks do the heavy lifting for me when it comes to invoicing, time tracking and accounting. With its low price, it’s ideal for small business owners and freelancers so try FreshBooks for free today.