20. The Best Dad


This girl’s dad hides money around her house every time he visits. The only catch is, she has to find it and that’s easier said than done. She had been making coffee for a week straight before noticing this stash.

Funny, creative, and caring–best dad ever.

19. 21 Run


Parents usually get their kids cake on their birthday every year. This year, these parents decided it was time they could incorporate some adult humor into it. And they killed it.

18. Puzzle Freak


Not only did this guy’s parents try and pull a prank on him and his puzzle loving girlfriend, but the joke ended up on them. She finished the impossible puzzle in 48 hours. She certainly proved herself.

17. Holiday Pranks


The holidays can be stressful for some parents, as many kids have high expectations for gifts. These parents decided to let off a little steam by pranking their kid with this. I mean who can afford to gift this anyways.

16. Keeping It Simple


These parents wanted to keep it simple for their sons birthday, so they went with the oldest joke in the book. Nothing beats a good ol’ that’s what she said joke, you’d just never expect it from your parents.

15. Mushroom Brother


Apparently, this girl’s parents told her and her little brother that they used to have another sibling, but he turned into a mushroom because he wouldn’t take a bath. This has to win some award for creativity– I mean come on they even added photos to the photo album! They’re black and white too, giving it an even sadder essence. Priceless.

14. New Paint


These parents clearly love messing with their kids, and man are we glad they do. This is hilarious! I wonder how long it took him to notice.

13. April Fools


April fools jokes usually have to be really good to trick the subject, because everyone knows to watch their backs on April 1st. But sometimes, you can trick someone regardless of the obvious spirit in the air and these parents are proof. It was a little harsh we will admit, but they got him nonetheless.

12. Googly Eyes


Now you’d think a small child would be responsible for this because this is basically their dream come true, but no, this was created by some silly dad somewhere. He really did put googly eyes on everything, even the individual yogurts.

11. Selfie War


This girls dad wins the selfie award of the year. Not only is this clever, but the look on his face is priceless.

10. Beach Toes


Imagine getting this picture from your parents while they’re on the vacation they refused to take you on. Being an adult is hard, especially for this girl who was replaced by her parent’s new dog.

9. Sense Of Humor Never Fades


Someone shared this photo of their parents embarrassing them, and it’s proof some parents are just big kids. Whats even better is this couple still has fun messing around after 41 years of marriage.

8. Dog Take Over


Nothing says “I love you” more than when your parents totally redo your room when you leave for college. This guys dad sent him a picture of his dog’s new pad. I don’t know what is more impressive, the level of detail or the photoshop skills. This is the best one yet.

7. Disney World


This guy went to Disney World with his girlfriend and they sent this photo to his parents. Their response, way better.

6. Games Never Get Old


This guy said his dad was giving him this goofy look for five minutes and he couldn’t figure out why. Until he looked down at his plate and started laughing. I mean, he did create Pacman pancakes.

5. Helpful Pooches


This guy was having issues with the power being out at his house, so he decided to text his dad to complain. Minutes later, his dad replied with this saying, “they’re on the case!”. Dogs and humor–nothing is better.

4. A Dad’s Duty


Marilyn Mason’s dad decided to dress up as him and surprise him at one of his photoshoots. He proved to everyone that a dads job to embarrass their kid never ends. His impersonation of him is priceless.

3. V.P.B


This dad’s little girl is going off to college and he knows exactly how to keep her safe even when he’s not there. He calls this her virginity protection blanket, VPB for short. What a great shot.

2. Trendy In Their Own Way


This guy’s parents wanted him to know they were keeping up with the selfie trend, but in their own way. So he got a selfie in the mail. What’s even better, is it’s on a polaroid.

1. Dad’s Turn


It was dad’s turn to pack lunch, and he wanted to make sure Ryan wasn’t disappointed in his choice of food, or lunch bag. At least all his friends got a good laugh!