30 of the funniest coronavirus memes to get you through self-isolation

While the Coronavirus is a very serious virus, we also feel that you should there should be a lighter side to life and that’s why we found the funniest Corona Virus memes while you’re stuck at home. Enjoy!

The novel Cornoavirus (COVID-19) is a virus that originated in the city of Wuhan, China. The virus has a close relative, which also originated in China called Severe Acute Respiratory Virus (SARS). Both impact the respiratory system. Both of the virus’s originally originated in wild bats, which were typically sold in wet markets. Wet markets are very big in the Wuhan region and offer people the option to purchase live animals such as bats, monkeys and other non typical animals. The World Health Organization has confirmed that the virus originated in bats and spread to a human, who than spread the virus via human to human contact.

The rapid spread of the virus sent shock waves around the world. While it originally started in China, it quickly spread around the world causing many schools and employers to cancel large gatherings and have students and employees work from home. Around the world many banking centers closed as well forcing people to purchase gift cards.

With China and the rest of the world grappling with measures to stop the spread of the virus many people are in panic mode and believe a pending apocalypse in immanent.  This has caused people to stockpile weeks worth of food, which has caused long lines and empty shelves.

Currently there are over 160,000 cases of the virus worldwide. Governments around the world began taking drastic steps and quarantine their residents. While widespread panic continues, there have been multiple reports of coronavirus vaccine trials  that have recently began. This brings hope to many people who are at risk.

Since most of us are on lock down with the ‘stay in place’ policy imposed by most governments, we though we would help take your mind off of things with these memes. Also, if it’s snowing where you’re at, you’ll enjoy these snow memes too.



Australia Protection

coronavirus meme of australia toiletpaper

This Australia Corona Virus Toilet Paper meme can be applied just about everywhere as people are buying toilet paper in bulk.


Sponge Bob Isn’t Impressed

coronavirus meme of sponge bob

Sponge Bob is a the typical go to meme for most things.


Mexico’s First Case

corona virus meme mexico

Mexico has reported lower cases of actual coronavirus, but this Corona Virus Mexico memes pretty much sums up what’s actually going on.


Can you smell it?

corona virus meme


You’re doing it wrong

coronavirus meme of women wearing mask on face


Kind of true?

trending clothes 2020 coronavirus meme


Everybody run!

corona virus meme china

We thing this China coronavirus meme  is a bit too much, but I guess if you have a twisted sense of humor you’ll find it funny.


Which one is worse? The Cornona Meme, The Corona Virus Meme Or the Coronavirus meme with a side of lime meme? We know it’s complicated, but you have to choose one.

coronavirus beer meme


There are some benefits to Corona memes.

coronavirus meme mexico

coronavirus meme china

This coronavirus  beer meme with china is pretty funny.

coronavirus meme boomer

If you watch the news you’ll see that many gen Z people are very concerned over climate change, which the term boomer is meant to describe a person who is older and doesn’t care much about the world. Gen Z has also renamed the coronavirus ‘boomer remover’.

coronavirus meme of friends drinking corona


coronavirus meme toiletpaper

This Toilet Paper Corona Meme pis pretty much what we expect to see on our next visit to the carnival.

coronavirus meme of couple

Where your shirt made?

corona virus meme

When made in China goes wrong


corona virus meme of winnie the poo

Bless you


The Cure not the cure!

coronavirus meme of the cure

Hope you enjoyed your trip

corona virus meme of couple from italy

The coronavirus hit Italy very hard, and fast, which has resulted in numerous deaths. That’s why this Coronairus Italy meme is pretty accurate for future visits to Italy.


simpsons coronavirus meme

The Simpsons have made a lot of predictions that have come true. This one in particular makes you wonder if they know something we don’t.


chuck norris coronavirus meme

With so many coronavirus memes going around it’s only fitting that we have a Chuck Norris coronavirus meme

coronavirus meme of corona beer changing name to ebola

Oh no, now we’ll need to make Ebola memes instead of Corona memes. This might take a while, but might be worth it?

coronavirus meme of australia toiletpaper

The coronavirus isn’t safe from Captain Bud! Save us from all of these corona memes captain.  coronavirus meme of scary man in full coronavirus outfit rick and morty coronavirus meme coronavirus meme of men wearing a bra as a mask coronavirus meme of corona beer wearing a mask to protect it from coronavirus coronavirus meme of passenger on train wearing 8 masks trump coronavirus meme of outraged democrats coronavirus meme of amazon prime coronavirus meme of corona virus coronavirus corona meme coronavirus cat meme




Update 1:

As of today, there are now close to 160,000 cases of the novel coronavirus around the world. Governments and institutions are in full panic mode and taking drastic measures. Countries such as Italy and Spain have higher concentrations of older people who are most at risk for the virus, which has prompted them to mandate mandatory quarantines and restrict access to only grocery stores and doctors.

While the younger residents of these countries aren’t as susceptible to the virus, most countries have cancelled on campus learning and moved to distant learning. This might be a good thing because these students could have gotten in a lot of trouble in class. Here’s your daily does of memes.