Twins always seem to surprise us, either with their development or close bonds that develop over time. But one UK couple surprised the world when they had a set of twins with completely different skin tones, teaming them “black and white twins”. However, they didn’t just experience this miracle, once, but TWICE.

The bi-racial couple were surprised when their first set of twins, Lauren and Hayleigh, came out different shades. Lauren has blue eyes and fair skin paired with bright red hair, just like her mother. Hayleigh on the other hand, has a darker complexion and deep brown eyes with dark hair, matching her father.

So how can two otherwise identical twins look so different?

The unique situation is so rare, that there isn’t much data on the probability of this phenomenon, leaving the family and medical community in awe. It’s believed that two different sperms, carrying unique sets of DNA, impregnated two separate eggs during fertilization. Without much research to turn to, the family just assumed their girls were two in a million–until they conceived again.

When Allison and Dean found out they were expecting again, the two were elated. It crossed their minds that these twins may be just as special as their first set, but they never thought much about it because of how rare they were. So you can imagine the shock after the delivery when history repeated itself.

There was a difference this time around though.

The difference between this pregnancy and the first was the babies weren’t as healthy and Allison had to be induced at 37 weeks as doctors feared for their lives. Not only were they breach, but something else seemed to be wrong, too. The babies were immediately rushed to a special care unit because something wasn’t right and the doctors knew right away.

The babies weren’t doing so well at first says Allison,”After the babies were born they weren’t breathing properly, so they were taken to a special care unit.” It took five days for the babies to become healthy enough for them to be placed side-by-side, and that’s when the parents really noticed the difference.

Allison shared how shocked she was after their birth,”I was shocked when I first found out I was pregnant with twins again  –  but I never thought for one second they would turn out the same as last time”. She was excited that her babies were finally healthy enough to be held together and she shared her reaction, “And when they were together it was clear that one was darker than the other. It was unbelievable.”

Allison wasn’t the only one shocked by the twins’ arrival, their father, Dean was too, “I didn’t think the same thing would happen again. I was blown away when I saw them together. I didn’t know until then that there was such a big difference between the two.”

Dean is of West Indian origin, and Allison is from Hampshire, England and each baby seemed to represent that, giving them one beautiful and unique family.

Dean explained what he thinks about his unique situation, and we have to say we agree with him, “We have a very special family.” This shows us just how nature continues to surprise us.

I wonder if the girls realize how special they are?

Both parents say Lauren and Hayleigh believe they look exactly alike and really don’t pay much attention to their differences, especially their skin color. The two girls are best friends and love the responsibility that comes with being older sisters to Leah and Miya.

As crazy as their story is, apparently, there are more twins just like them!

Marcia and Millie Biggs of Birmingham, England were born in 2006 and are twins with different skin tones. The young girls’ mother had to convince teachers that they are in fact twins, noting how strange it is,”It does get a bit irritating sometimes when you have people stopping you in the street all the time, but then I remember how beautiful they are and how lucky I am to have them, and the irritation goes away.”

But how similar are they?

These girls may look similar, but they have completely opposite interests! Marcia is a self-taught gymnast who has been developing her skills over the past three years and Millie enjoys singing and dancing and is a self-proclaimed princess.

We found another set of twins with a similar scenario, who prove that beauty comes in all shades.

Kalani and Jarani Meyer are two adorable little twins, who just like the other girls on this list, are different shades. Their mother is Caucasian and their father is African-American, both babies representing traits from one parent.

Whitney Meyer, their mother, said she considers the girls a symbol against racism and a sign to “love everyone equal.”

“You can’t look at one and not love them both,” she gushed to TODAY. “They’re the same girl, just different colors.”

Next up, we get some insight into what it’s like being a teenager and having a twin that doesn’t really look like you.

Twins Lucy and Maria Aylmer have to constantly convince people that they are in fact, twins. These two live in Boston, England and they say people always ask them how it happened, and they’re happy to tell them. Lucy says by age 10 she decided that she didn’t feel like a twin and now, they say they’re completely different but of course great friends.

Maria enjoys feminine clothing and social outings where she gets to meet new people and explore new places, while Lucy, on the other hand, is quite the opposite. It seems as if these two girls are an example of an introvert and an extrovert–giving us, even more, insight into the complex world of twins.