The Mathias quadruplets took the world, or rather, the Internet by storm when their short video of them laughing went viral. The quadruplets were not only sensational because of their precious giggle, but because they are, quite literally, one in a million. To be more specific, that chances of having babies like them is actually one in 15 million.


The reason they are so unique? Well, their mother Allison, conceived them 100% naturally, without the help of fertility treatment. That means that one egg in Allison’s womb split into four different embryos, creating four identical babies. Usually, quadruplets are the result of multiple eggs being fertilized during fertility treatment, which is why Allison’s pregnancy was so spectacular.


All four babies, Mary Claire, Anna, Grace, and Emily, can be seen hysterically laughing as their father, Steve, made funny noises at them. Their mother was holding them while Steve videotaped, and the result had everyone in tears–the kind that roll down your face from pure joy.


The reason the video was so hilarious, was that all four babies seemed to be laughing in sync. They would laugh at the same time, for the same duration of time, and in the same pitch, causing everyone to howl in hysterics.

It didn’t happen just once, either.


When the family was invited to the Oprah Winfrey Show, they shared their feeling about their now famous video,“I think it’s just one of those videos you can’t not laugh at”. He went on to say,“There’s something about the syncopation of them stopping and starting laughing. It’s just the contagious-type laugh.”

We have to say, he hit the nail right on the head–their laugh is contagious!


The video is so funny in fact, it was featured on the hit show Americas Funniest Home Videos. And guess what? It was so funny, it won multiple cash prizes! Audiences all over the world were laughing at these unique cuties.

After the show aired, the video really took off.


In 2006 the hit show had an episode that reviewed all the extremely funny videos that have ever been aired, and their’s was voted the “Funniest Video of All Time”, winning them a whopping $250,000 cash prize! They were going to need it because four babies were starting to get expensive.


Steve said the money they won was,“money which changed a lot of things in our lives.” That wasn’t where the video stopped, however. They put it up on Youtube and it received over 15 million views! The family is extremely impressed by the video’s popularity, saying it has “incredible staying power.”


The family continued to videotape their daughters laughing, as it really was hysterical. The second video they posted, which was filmed just a day after the first, received 22 million views making them quick Youtube sensations.


Due to the popularity of their videos, they made appearances on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno in 2007 and The Oprah Winfrey Show again in 2008. Everyone wanted to keep up with these silly sisters so the family made their own website, mathiasquads.org.

That’s not where their fame ended though.


They also starred in a Target commercial where millions of people recognized their smiling faces. After a couple of years, the family went on the Oprah Show again, on an episode titled “Where Are They Now?” which is when everyone really got to know the quads.


On the show, Grace revealed, “We’re similar and different to each other just by the things we’re interested in.” They were 16 years old now and just starting to figure out who they wanted to be. Although they all enjoy different hobbies, all of them do have one thing in common.


Grace went on to share “Mary Claire and Emily… they enjoy doing digital art on their computer. And Anna enjoys orchestra a lot. And I enjoy photography.” It seems all of them have an artistic flair. As far as matching goes, the girls say they stopped doing that in elementary school when they could finally choose what they wanted to wear.


The girls enjoy having their hair different lengths, especially Emily. She told the Miami Herald, “They want some reason, maybe that I wanted to be different from my sisters. I just wanted to cut my hair.” It’s hard to maintain individuality among these quads but these sisters love having each other.

But soon, they might not be under the same roof.


They are actually planning to attend different colleges soon, which will be a totally new experience for them as Grace said,“It’d be hard to adjust not having them around all the time at the same place.”

Anna also told everyone on the Oprah Show just how connected they are,“Most of the stuff that has happened to us or me wouldn’t have happened if we didn’t have each other.”