A blog a website journal or diary that is managed by an individual. It involves one writing articles about various subjects so as to educate and inform his or her readers. The person who administers the blog is called a blogger. There are millions of blogs and bloggers on the Internet but how does one become a credible blogger?

So to fully grasp how can one become a credible blogger audiences truly trust, I put together a few free blogging tips and authoring standards that anyone doing this gig full time, should try and adhere to. So see what you think.

Did you know that a lot of people and moreover casual readers are really embracing and consuming great blog content as it is easy to relate to a personal experience as compared to big brands or faceless corporations.

So as a blogger you would want to draw traffic to your site to benefit these valued readers and also earn a living too. Therefore to achieve this, you have to create great content, respect and become a credible blogger who people can trust to provide information and great, useful content to absorb and enjoy.

How To Become a Credible Blogger That Audiences Trust

Well if you are starting off or already doing this full time; no doubt you would want to increase audience traffic to your blog posts. Well here are some genuine and useful free blogging tips to guide you on how to become a credible blogger with respected authority content that people can trust over the long haul.

Focus on Community Building Over Monetary Gains

Although you start a blog to earn a living, it is always important that you put the community you are relying on to succeed before monetary gain and prioritize them. This is because as long as you provide quality and informative content, you will rest assured monetary benefits will follow as well. Do not be tempted by shortcuts to additional revenue at the expense of quality, morals, or standards.

Indeed don’t be ashamed either or afraid to reject some paid reviews that you believe may hurt your website. What is a paid review and how is it related to blogging? Well paid reviews are where a blogger gets paid by a company or a particular brand so as to help them in marketing their product.

Understanding Paid Reviews and Sponsored Posts

The blogger gets to write about the products offered and also provides a link leading their readers to the brand’s site where they can purchase the goods. Sometimes this method of content promotion is known as a sponsored link or article placement. You have probably seen paid posts on popular Instagram feeds also and on other social media platforms, as they are a great way for trending pages to boost their revenues.

The disadvantage of a blogger working as an affiliate marketer is that they don’t get to test the products offered and if they are not good enough or they are of low quality, the customers will lack trust and faith in the blogger’s content. It might generate a big pay day but a blogger does not always want sponsored articles on scented loo paper and pest control on their sports blog for instance.

Sometimes I get requests on DesignBump to review software, WordPress plugins and the like. Well I always make sure I either already own the software or the owner is prepared to send me a copy. Rather than pretending I have used it. Yes this is an extra hurdle but it also a fabulous authority blogging technique and I always abide by it.

So as a blogger prioritize the people, you are informing and always choose quality over quantity without completely neglecting quantity. If you really need to pay the bills then at least strive for a measure of balance. The 80/20 rule is always a good basis favoring content over paid posts.

Always be True to Your Convictions and Morals

It is not easy working as a blogger as you are writing for people you don’t know and the only way you can communicate or view your opinions is behind a computer. But at the same time always remain true to yourself. When it comes to your views, always stand with what is right rather than what other people believe in.

This way you will have an eased mind and write content that is educative as you are writing your opinions. Always write about what you think is right as the more you dwell on the subject trying to figure out your opinion is correct or wrong compared to other people the more you will get confused and end up running away from the truth.

Focus on Creating a Connection With Your Readers

Blogger Credibility

Blogger Credibility : The content and media that you select and how you present it helps build reputation and respect.

Blogging is what connects you to the outside world. Therefore whatever you write about on your site, the images and media that you create or choose enables your readers to know more about you and what you stand for as well. Therefore use the platform well so as to grow a good relationship with your readers.

This can be achieved by writing the content or updating your status with professionalism and truthfulness. Also if you write from your heart and get positive views from your readers, you will remain motivated and want to keep on writing more for them as there is an already trust and friendship established between you and your readers. It never hurts either to become likeable and develop a persona via the blog that readers can warm to.

Always Give Back to the Society That Put You Where You Are

One thing to know as a blogger is that you don’t always have to expect to receive from your clients and community at large. Always make an effort to give back to the society, and this will draw more people to you.

Always remember it is not about the amount or quantity you give out, but it is all about how you give it. Even the little that you give to the community will make a huge difference in someone’s life and this in return will make people like you. The knowledge that you share with other people whether little or a lot plays a huge role in their lives. 

Being a successful blogger can be akin to being a rockstar or film star, except at a lower level but the same fame principles apply. Start taking your blog fans for granted and they will go and sit on someone else’s blog and click on their ads and join their forums and promotions and not yours, so enough said!

Exude Confidence in Your Authorship

Confident Blogger

Be a confident blogger : you may not be able to be good at everything but at least try and you might be pleased with the results. If this pooch can do it then so can you!

How confident are you with your published work? Confidence is a great advantage that will lead you straight to success and a career as a credible blogger. Therefore always make sure that you have total faith in what you write and in giving out your opinions through awesome writing and engaging, sticky content.

You can also enrol in confidence building activities that will boost your overall confidence, for example, attending yoga classes so you can relax your body and brains, meet new people, eat well so you can keep fit and so on. Always aim in taking care of yourself first because when you are well, you are in an excellent position to take care of others.

Be confidence in what you have and the knowledge you can rely on as the rest will smoothly follow in the process. Also, people love a leader who is confident, and if you are confident with your articles, people will have trust in you too. If you are going to start doing video posts and it is not really your thing then make sure you practice. Build the confidence levels to where they need to be.

Make Peace a Top Priority

Having peace in your life is an excellent trait and can help you live a good life as a credible blogger. Having a peace of mind you will have a clear mind that can work well and have peace with everybody around you will provide an excellent working environment. So always strive to have peace especially if you want people to still look up to you as a role model to the society. You can attain a peaceful life if you learn how to deal with your fears, avoid dwelling in the past and always live in the moment.

Take Care of Your Social Media Accounts

As a credible blogger always be watchful of what you display on your social media accounts. We all have bad days sometimes, but it is not right for you as a blogger to always rant about your bad experiences on the social media platforms. Your image is very crucial and should be taken care of so always watch what you update on your social media platforms and protect your sites as well.

There can be temptation to let social media accounts slide. Particularly if you are a one man band. Blogging is hard work and managing social media makes it worse. So if your blog is on the cusp of the big time it might be worth getting some cheap help to assist with the tasks you find draining or less inclined to pursue. Remember social media is a source of awesome free traffic, so it is unwise to neglect it.

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Wrapping Up

So its easy to have grand aspirations when you start blogging. You expect to reach the elevated status of the very best bloggers in your niche, take a guy like Matt Kepnes ( Nomadic Matt ) for example or tech blogger Neil Patel. You know what it doesn’t just happen, takes, time, trial and error and plenty of mistakes.

Yet you can learn from the guys and girls that are making this happen right now. These top bloggers offer awesome tools and guides to learn from. Personally I am not there yet either, I still make tonnes of mistakes but I do ok at days end.

It’s quite fine you know not to be main man in the blogging sphere. Not to be the best or not to earn quite as much as the top dogs out there. What is really cool though in a respected and credible blogger is the desire to keep going and be the best while offering real value to the readers. You can’t say fairer than that.