If you’re looking to do more in content marketing and invest in building generational authority content and an iconic blog then you need solid, dependable content. Experts have forecasted a 3x growth in the next 24 months.  Yes building social media and build brand engagement is also vital but great authoritative content really takes the cherry off the cake. While paid media is great, quality content is distinguishable and is going to stay around forever, and it results in more revenue and keeps turning into more money and reputational class in the long run.

Great content is like a dependable savings account, you get interest even when you are not expecting it. What I am talking about here is content that is the best in it’s class. So much content out there is well ok but that’s the problem, its just ok. There are another hundred articles just like it all competing for a traffic slice.

Content is not King : Authoritative Stand Out Content is King

authority content investment that lasts a generation

Build authority content that lasts a generation. Authoritative content is king and it is one of the best investments for any blog looking to go the long haul.

A piece of stand out content is one that other people link to, or reference, or always recall. It tends to rank highly but even if it doesn’t the article is still considered authority. As in any estimation it is hands down better than anything else out there. Chances are that when content surfers find it they will recommend it and it will shoot up the search and social rankings.

People can lose sight when there’s a number of extra extensions, like profile designs, themes, pay- per- view click ads, still if you don’t have great content to sell, everything is a huge lie.

Why Should You Depend on Quality of Content Over Quality of Content?

There are a number of things that come with different platforms, that are distracting more than they are encouraging, but what remains when you get rid of them all?

Some great value generating authority content that made you connect with what’s in front of you on the screen!

Any stimulating conversations or inspiring words that made you think that it’ll solve an existing problem of yours, that made you want to pay, which lies in the heart of communication? Great content. Exactly, that’s what great content does. That’s why great content matters in quality rather than in quantity.

Why Authority Content Resonates and Why It is a Killer Blog Investment Strategy

Simply put with great authoritative content powering your blog it resonates far more highly with you and the audience. Awesome authority content is far more likely to generate over the longer term:

  • Higher organic search rankings
  • More word of mouth referrals
  • Incremental respect for the author
  • Overall increase in blog reputation

So, in the world of social media marketplace and content marketing, treat your best blog content like a currency. You can expend it to buy followers, fans, likes, comments, and your own brand loyalty and build trust with your fans for a generation.

Some Great Tips to Create Authoritative Blog Content to Keep Readers Satisfied and Thirsty For More

Everywhere you go, there’s a deep cut-throat competition. What you’re doing, is already being done by thousands and thousands of people on social media platforms and other blogs every passing second. You’ve to look for what sets you apart from them. What is the special recipe that makes your blog post the one to reference or link to. These posts are not just pillar posts they simple exude class, knowledge and authority at every angle.

Always Keep Learning, Sharpening and Honing Technique

Go through a lot of blog posts and content out there that advise you on how to produce great content and keep doing it over and over again. Learn. Rinse. Repeat.

Always think that you’re in school, don’t let that questioning child in you die in fear of insecurities.

Stay updated as these fields are constantly evolving.

In Blogging Authority and Quality Wins the Pack Race

There’s a lot of insignificant content out there. How do you know which adds value to your brand and business and is not just white noise fluff and filler?

Well, you can think of it like this: great content attracts more attention in the form of social interaction, such as article likes and comments than what the other people posts’ on social media platforms does. There is a place for fluff and filler content, of course it has its place. Authority content on the other hand hums and buzzes and never lets up.

Invest In Content That’s Truly Organic

Organic content just stays around as it’s what you come up with. You can hire people who will follow up with paid media, but it will only result in temporary satisfaction as it solves short- term problems.

Any paid media doesn’t turn into organic content and doesn’t make your brand prosper as a great organic content does. It just doesn’t. Done right a high end piece of organic authority content can bank and bank and bank.

Be Interactive Through Visual Content

This is the era of visual content. When we say that, we mean people are going to resonate more with what’s in front of them. Think about it like this, what will you tap on and listen to, when you’re going through your media feeds, a long post about how your friend visited some place and found a cat or you’d rather want to see a small video featuring that said cat? You see, it’s going to be the second.

Visual content has the power to move mountains and do wonders for building your brand and adding value to your brand loyalty. Authority can mean content in different guises you see, it does not always have to be governed by length. Rather by how the page leaps out and grabs the reader by the horns. Visual content can be as accomplished as the written word at fulfilling this goal.

You need quick content that grasps your reader’s, or follower’s attention in an instant. Great content, click happy, sticky interactive videos do that for you. A traditional blog post isn’t going to weigh the same as a video will do in the same respective. Always self critique your content, if it sucks you will know deep down. If it wins the race you will know that soon enough also.

Pro Blogger Tip : Don’t Waste too Much Time on Trivial Things

Things like an attractive cover page or logo, that looks awesome with your new WordPress theme, won’t matter as much as in the long run, if you don’t have great content to go with it. Now I am not saying that first impressions of a blog on the first visit do not matter but learn to prioritize different aspects of blog and authority site building.

Wrapping Up : Authority Content Building

So, stop looking to nitpick over trivial things that won’t turn a follower into a customer. Channel great authority content for your blog posts and wait and see how the currency will change your outlook on how you work with social media platforms.

There is an interesting article here on what is more important, SEO or great site design. Actually none of these matter without awesome content. Everyone would do well to remember that.