15. Be Kind


Kindness is a virtue not possessed by everyone. An act of kindness is something that makes us all feel good. Even if you are just a witness, neither the benefactor nor the beneficiary, a kind gesture still touches the heart.

One dog proved that kindness can come from anywhere.

14. Kindness Can Come From Anywhere


Although such acts are termed humane, they are not limited to human beings. Animals too are known to show kindness to fellow animals and sometimes to human-beings too. We recently came across a creature that is an inspiration to us all, and her story is one for the books.

13. Holliday


Holliday is a loving, gentle, and deeply loved by her family. She is known to spread smiles everywhere she goes and everyone jumps at the chance to be her acquaintance.

Although warm feelings are usually associated with Holliday, this one act proved just how kind she is.

12. The Family


Holliday was rescued by Caitlyn Beebe from an animal shelter in Chicago. Caitlyn took her home when she was just a puppy. Holliday loved her new mom, and the love was reciprocated in full by the adoring mother, too.

The two became inseparable, traveling everywhere together.

11. The Lessons


Beebe took Holliday with her on many of her social visits. It was in one such visit, to Beebe’s parents’ house, that Holliday learned there were other animals who needed rescuing, too. Like distressed earthworms who’d become stranded in the hot sun after a heavy rain.

10. Education Begins At Home


“When Holliday was little and we would go for walks with my mom, my mom would pick up worms from the road and throw them in the grass” Caitlyn recalls. She saw Holliday taking notice of what Caitlyn’s mom was doing, but never thought that Holliday will one day do something that will shock her.

9. Holliday Begins


Soon, Holliday followed in the steps of Caitlyn’s mother. She started saving as many of the worms as she could. Caitlyn couldn’t believe when Holliday started saving bugs and worms. But soon, realised that she is a proud owner of a very affectionate animal.

8. Captain Holli To The Rescue


Holliday keeps it simple. She scours the road for worms and bugs and then helps them. This incredible gesture by her has been going viral all over the internet already. Beebe doesn’t care much about that, though. She is proud for another reason.

7. The Modus Operandi


Caitlyn describes how Holliday does her job, “She will run over so excited, pick them up as gently as she can in her mouth, and then put them in the grass”. Since she could hardly believe what she was watching, Beebe captured Holliday in action.

6. The Feelgood Factor


The first time when Caitlyn saw her pet running over to a bug, she thought Holliday was just going to eat the bug or sniff it. But when Holliday put the worm softly in her mouth and took it to the grass to leave it there, Beebe was speechless. She didn’t understand why this was happening and wanted to know more.

5. Holliday Loves Helping


Holliday was never trained to rescue small animals, nor was she ever given a treat or rewarded in any way when she saved the bugs. So why was she doing it?

Caitlyn realised that it’s just the inherent kindness in her dog which makes it do all the good work. What she tells next will surely make you smile. 

4. The Big Question


Holliday picks up the bugs very gently, and sometimes they even fall because she is so gentle. She just picks them up again and takes them to the grass. Sometimes, watching them for few minutes after she has saved them. Probably trying to figure out what else can she do for them. But where did she learn all this?

3. Pay It Forward


Caitlyn’s mother had a habit of saving worms and bugs. And Holliday probably learned from her that each life matters. She does it on her own now. And the best thing about her sweet gesture, well, Caitlyn sums it perfectly.

2. Care For Everyone


“It reminds me that you should love and care for everyone,” Cailtyn says “Even if they are different from you.” It definitely does. Holliday’s story has now inspired many people around the world, and here’s how.

1. Inspiring Others


Holliday’s nack for saving those in need has inspired other pet owners to videotape instances where their pets do extraordinary things. Holliday has even established quite the social media following, as people love to tune in to watch her search for the next animal in need.