What are the most effective measures you can take to modernize your warehouse? Here are some tips on organization, labeling, and RFID systems.

If you are not prompt with your deliveries, customers will choose to pick your competitors.

It can be challenging to create an optimized warehouse. Modernizing the warehouse system does not require a complete redesign of the entire system.

You can implement many strategies and improvements at once. You can save a lot of time and money with these systems and enhancements.

Here are some most effective ways to increase efficiency, reduce operating costs, and build a better storage facility!

Labeling Systems

A comprehensive inventory labeling system is a valuable investment in efficiency and productivity. Ensure all SKUs (Stock Keeping Unit) are accurately labeled, and labeling methods are consistent.

Color coding is also an excellent way to help employees quickly identify the rack and the alcove level. You should also ensure that all labels are changed after the slots have been reorganized.

You can check out Labels Online. They provide high quality yet affordable label products.

Waste Disposal Systems

Starting small is an excellent way to improve your warehouse operations quickly. Ensure that your methods of packaging waste disposal are useful and employees use them effectively.

Most warehouses handle large numbers of orders when receiving products. It generates large amounts of packaging waste.

Transport packaging, cardboard boxes, discarded pallets, and other debris should have easy-to-find containers. Employees should empty them regularly to avoid accumulating excessive waste.

You should consider implementing effective packaging solutions to reduce waste at the beginning.

Warehouse Management Systems

One of the best investments you can make is to organize your operations with software for warehouse management. Warehouse Management System (WMS) is an advanced software platform.

It provides a complete method to view and manage all daily operations in the warehouse.

The WMS platforms also help the tracking and reporting of KPIs in real-time. It also provides essential information.

Warehouse management software is a significant and less costly investment. Cloud-based implementation is a new specification for WMS.

Instead of paying high upfront fees, you usually have to pay monthly subscription fees. These innovations have created a faster time to value, allowing you to maximize ROI faster.

Mezzanine Storage

Storage space has always been the focus of many warehouses, so it is essential to maximize the available resources. Besides adding shelves, another good option you might want to consider is adding a mezzanine level.

A mezzanine warehouse is a platform built on top of your current space, adding an entirely new floor to your warehouse.

You can use mezzanine models to increase efficiency because they are more practical than regular storing models.

It is an incredibly right choice if you have goods that cannot be picked by a forklift. If you choose a free-standing design, you can also maximize your space by storing the goods in a non-storage area.

Shelf Storage Optimization

You can maximize the value of your existing investments via on-shelf warehouse optimization. Consider using shelf bins to increase the number of SKUs (Stock Keeping Unit) you can store on each rack.

A double-deep method is generally used to place items that are not frequently picked. It is the best way to reduce picking time and improve efficiency. So please consult your warehouse workers to determine the best framework for them.

Layout Organization

Another economical way of improving existing storage facilities is by optimizing warehouse layout. You can create and process virtual formats with many WMS products. It can highlight the most crucial components in the optimization process and help visualize them.

It would be best if you consider the following techniques to organize the warehouse.

  • Put similar products or materials together that are often packed in the same area.
  • Use an ABC slotting system to provide easy access to selected items for employees.
  • Use an adopting zone picking designs.
  • Create wide paths for forklifts and workers to travel safely and efficiently without wasting space.
  • Keep records of an employee’s traveling distance and time while collecting detailed information.
  • Set up a dedicated sector for returns processing.

Barcode/RFID Systems

Barcode and RFID scanning systems are the best investments to organize and control the system accurately.

They are essential because they significantly reduce human-made errors. It happens when employees choose technical and similar items.

The basic barcode system and scanner are widely available, relatively inexpensive, and you can get them with all starter kits.

You can embed RF tags in packaging with the help of an RFID scanner. Employees need to point the small handheld electronic device at the item and then scan it directly to the RFID management software.

RFID systems are more expensive than barcode scanners. But, they also increase efficiency and increase picking speed.


Fulfilling orders generate a lot of wastage, and this does not only apply to transport materials. When dealing with different products, multiple teams have to prepare the products for shipping. The process can include specific packaging and even removal of packaging.

Look at the packaging operation to find ways to reduce the number of boxes, box sizes, and materials used to pack products for sale. See if you can work with suppliers in the supply chain to create a friendlier packaging process.

You must ensure that the packaging materials used by the team are not too small or inappropriate. Otherwise, it may cause product damage, customer returns, and business losses.

Reviewing the packaging process can ensure lowering shipping and handling costs.


The best way to organize is to implement a warehouse management system and continuously monitor KPIs and performance.

With time, every change you make will continue to reduce costs and improve your warehouse operations.

The above suggestions can help increase warehouse efficiency significantly.