The world of fashion is constantly evolving, and you never know what is going to rise to popularity next. This newest men’s fashion trend is beyond anything we have ever seen before — and you won’t be able to look away.

Fashion Trends Have Transformed


From generation to generation, the major fashion staples have been vastly unique. Whether you look at Will Smith’s wardrobe in the 90’s or Jacqueline Kennedy’s style in

the 70’s, fashion has been constantly changing. This is definitely not limited to women’s clothing — just take a look at some of the frontrunners in men’s looks.

Cinema Has Revealed Some Bold Choices


Who said crop tops are just for the ladies? Male celebrities — like Johnny Depp in Nightmare on Elm Street — have been showcasing some surprising style for decades. One fashion

statement has recently emerged on the scene in recent years, and most females have one in their closet right now. This is a staple for those looking for style and undeniable convenience!

Rompers Have Exploded In Popularity


Can’t decide whether you want to wear a dress or shorts? A romper solves this tough question for you. This piece has become more and more popular among celebs and everyday fashionistas alike,

and it makes looking stylish absolutely effortless.

More recently, this item has not been just for selectively for females. Men are getting their own taste of romper style, and it is simply outrageous.

Male Rompers Are Here

The Daily Beast

More popularly known as the RompHim, the male romper has completely changed the game. Insanely stylish and available in a ton of appealing colors, patterns, and designs, the only issue with the RompHim is probably when

you need to use the restroom — an issue women understand all too well.

One fashion company is always pushing the envelope, and they have been getting a ton of attention lately for their men’s fashion pieces.

This Company Is Making Headlines

@hologramcityla via Facebook

A clothing company out of Los Angeles, California called Hologram City has been turning a ton of heads lately. They have been known for their colorful men’s designs that

don’t follow any sort of gender rules, and their latest hit is the most outlandish yet. You aren’t ready for this fashion statement — but it’s definitely making its mark.

Both Ladies And Men Love Their Lace

@cazwellofficial via Instagram

New neon, lace shorts for men have been recently released by Hologram City, and the people can hardly handle it. These shorts definitely bring something insanely different to the world

of men’s fashion, and one man, in particular, is really embracing the look. This guy loves this piece so much, he centered it around one of his most recent projects.

One Rapper Is Obsessed

@cazwellofficial via Instagram

A rapper by the name of Cazwell recently showed off his baby blue lace shorts. He sported this colorful outfit in his music video for the song “Loose Wrists,” and he wasn’t alone.

His entire crew wore their own individual shade of lace shorts in the video, making this production utterly iconic. The best part of the entire ordeal? Their shorts weren’t the only fashion first.

You Can Purchase A Surprising Set

@cazwellofficial via Instagram

All of the men in the video were also sporting a matching lace shirt to go with their unexpected shorts. This daring fashion statement obviously has made some waves —

with not all positive reviews. Nonetheless, these outfits are here to stay, especially as far as Cazwell is concerned. His prediction for this summer’s fashion is nothing short of spectacular.

Men’s Lace Is Going To Reign Supreme

@hologramcityla via Facebook

“Yup. Lace WILL be in this summer,” Cazwell wrote on Instagram. This stylish set doesn’t come cheap, with each item costing around $50. The Internet is ablaze with opinions on

this unlikely men’s fashion choice are extremely varied, and you won’t believe some of the comments on this stylish staple.

You are sure to get a laugh out some of these opinions.

Style Has No Gender

@cazwellofficial via Instagram

“ILL BE READY. so so so excited,” one person wrote on Instagram. “Stop the world I want to get off,” stated another user. “This is a damn mess,” said another.

No matter what

side you are on, these lace shorts are proving that there is really no gender norm when it comes to today’s style. Wear what you are confident in, and the rest will follow!