Disney World is commonly referred to as the “happiest place on earth.” With more than 53,000 visitors a day, the late Walt Disney has made quite the name for himself with the largest entertainment conglomerate on the planet. But, this magical theme park just got even better with Disney’s own version of the famous “pink drink.”

You Won’t Be Disappointed

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Walt Disney is a brand name that enjoys worldwide recognition. If you have never been to Disney World before, you are really missing out. Whether you have young kids or not,

this place is truly magical. You will not be disappointed with all of the thought that has gone into every aspect of the amusement park. Especially when it comes to the food.

Food And Drinks

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Disney World has over 140 operating restaurants, 90 of them being full-service establishments. There is everything from Moroccan food to Texas barbecue. Basically, you should be able to find any type

of food your heart desires. But even with its extensive variety of cuisines, Disney World continues to bring out new food and drinks to ensure that all 53,000 guests leave happy.

A Sweet Treat


One of the most Instagram-worthy establishments is Amorette’s Patisserie in Disney Springs. This up-scale bakery is known for its sweet treats. The dessert menu includes eclairs, cheesecake, cookies, macaroons,

cakes, and chocolate galore. It is open for both lunch and dinner and also serves savory food items. Most items range from about $6 – $20. Totally worth it.

But Wait, There’s More

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If those desserts don’t sell you on the bakery, then the newest item on their menu will. Amorette’s Patisserie has introduced their own version of the pink drink. We have all heard

of the infamous Starbucks pink drink, that sweet cocktail of strawberry acai and coconut milk. Yes, it is delicious. But Disney has done it one better and created an alcoholic version.

Fairy Tales Do Exist

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Amorette’s Patisserie has reinvented the pink drink in a way all adults (over 21) can appreciate. They took inspiration from fairy tale princesses and Minnie Mouse. Now pay attention, because this drink has

a very long name. It is called the Iron Horse Fairy Tale Celebration Cuvee. It’s $14.00 and probably worth every penny. If you weren’t already planning a trip to Disney, you should now.

The Delicious Details

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This sparkling pink champagne is topped with pink chocolate Minnie Mouse ears, making it even more irresistible. It is served in a champagne flute with the adorable bakery’s name scribbled

across the front. Not only will it make your Disney experience that much happier, but you can also get a great Instagram post out of it. These drinks are seriously pretty.

A Very Happy Hour

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So now that you know about this wonderful addition to the already insane drink selection in Orlando, Florida, you are ready to book your trip. You know what part of Disney to target and

even the exact location to consume amazing food and drinks. Your happy hour in Amorette’s Patisserie will be just like a real-life fairy tale. And we will all stare at your photo in envy.

Social Media

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Obviously, there is more to Disney than the awesome photo ops. So after admiring pictures of the pink bubbly on Instagram, you can head over to the Disney Springs Twitter

account for new details on upcoming events, food and drink deals, and more pictures. They seem to update the account frequently so you won’t be missing anything at all.

Life Is Hard

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We all know that spending the day at an amusement park can be exhausting. Standing in line after line, pushing your way through crowds of people, and walking around in

the hot Florida sun can really take a lot out of you. But with the extraordinary number of sit-down restaurants and now this wonderfully refreshing beverage, you have no excuses!

Don’t Wait Any Longer

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So have you booked your trip to Disney World yet? You don’t need to kiss a frog to make all your dreams come true. Just visit Amorette’s Patisserie for the pink champagne

drink and be the prince or princess you’ve always wanted to be. This drink will make Disney World feel like it really is the happiest place on Earth. What are you waiting for?