Horror artwork, posters and gory themes are the staple diet of all those graphic designers who need to use Adobe Photoshop to produce scary and frightening designs. In order to create such artwork they need to use a range of blood spatter brushes. We have a great collection of blood spatter brushes and paint splat effects right here. So why would these graphic designer want to scare people you might ask?

Think Halloween parties and horror movies, think of haunted houses and murder mysteries and thrillers. There really is no limit to the ways that art and high quality graphics can be used to scare the wits out of people and Adobe Photshop blood spatter brushes are the weapon of choice.

Whether it is a stalker killer style thriller or a Sci-Fi space horror such as found in the Alien franchise there is plenty of need for blood spatter and lots of it.

Adobe Photoshop blood spatter brushes

Adobe Photoshop blood spatter brushes

Blood Splatter Photoshop Brushes Download

Now even blood spatter analysts such as Dexter Morgan would approve of this latest collection of blood spatter brushes. If you are an avid Photoshop brush and effect collector then there are plenty of blood spatter brushes to try out right here.

So dive in and start designing some blood and gore. Here is a collection of 10 real paint and blood splatter brushes for Photoshop. So happy spattering and enjoy designing your gory masterpieces with these brushes and effects.

50 Blood Splatter Brushes to Enjoy

Blood Spatter Brushes : blood spatter brushes

50 Blood Splatter Brushes to Enjoy: Why have one when you can have fifty.

Download these blood spatter brushes to give your artwork some much needed claret and enhance your digital canvas with these bloody brushes and Photoshop effects.

Horrifying Photoshop Blood Splatters Collection

The Blood Spatter Collection

The Blood Spatter Brush Collection : Are you scared yet?

This collection of brushes will have your audience cowering behind the sofa for sure, so take a look at this amazing set of bloody Photoshop brushes and see.

Indeed, your spooky design project needs to have a touch of gruesome effects. The current design trends of blood splatter brushes can easily transform a charming design into a horrifying piece. You can produce quite realistic bloody art work with the help of the current trend Photoshop blood splatter brushes.

Paint Ink Blood Splatter Brushes

Paint Spatter Brushes

Paint Spatter Brushes Collection : Paint is a fantastic design medium and can enhance graphic design projects such as promo posters and leaflets no end.

Paint splats can look just a terrifying as blood and guts on a digital canvas. In any event these paint splat brushes for Photoshop could be just what your design project needs right now, so check them out.

Blood Splatter Brush Art Concepts

Blood Spatter Brushes Design Concepts

Blood Spatter Brushes Design Concepts: A bit of well placed spatter can enhance even the most basic of images.

See how easy it is to create incredible looking spatter effects. Take the image above whereby a spatter brush has been used to decorate the model with black looking spatter. You can apply these type of effects easily in Photoshop with our range of spatter brushes and effects.

Download the Spatter Brushes Collection

Vector Brush Splat Collection

Vector Brush Splats

Vector Brush Splats : These are an easy style of splatter brush to start using in Adobe.

This is an awesome collections of splats and spatters. Vector brush splatters are an easy and effective way for graphic designers to rapidly add manipulatable vectors onto their digital canvas with the minimum of fuss and ease.

Download the Vector Brush Set

Blood Drop Photoshop Brushes

Blood Drop Photoshop Brushes

Blood Drop Photoshop Brushes : Time to paint the walls crimson red.

This collection of messy looking blood spatter brushes should offer even the most seasoned graphic artist plenty to play with when imagining new ways to scare on canvas. These horrific looking after effects brushes for Adobe Photoshop will add just the right amount of claret to even the most demanding of scenes.

Download the Blood Drop Brush Set

More Scary Crimson Brushes

Blood Spatter Brush Set

Blood Spatter Brush Set : There is more, so much more.

Just when you thought it was not possible to flick blood onto the digital canvas in any different ways to those already tried it turns out theres plenty more red to be had. Explore this collection of extremely creative Photoshop blood spatter brushes and let the nightmares begin.

Download the Scary Crimson Brushes Collection

Bloodstain Photoshop Brushes Collection

Bloodstain Photoshop Brushes

Bloodstain Photoshop Brushes: When a blood spatter brush doesn’t cut it, you need a bloody stain instead.

For a slightly different approach why not experiment with this superb collection of blood stain brushes for Adobe Photoshop instead. Adopting a slightly different graphical technique these blood stain brushes will ensure that the canvas scares even the most hardened of digital graphic artists.

Download the Bloodstain Photoshop Brush Collection

Crimson Blood Bath Collection

Crimson Blood Bath Collection

Crimson Blood Bath Collection : When a spatter or stain ain’t good enough you need a bloody massacre.

For the ultimate scenes of digital carnage we need to up the stakes. These bloody carnage Photoshop brushes will take the blood and guts on the canvas to higher extremes. Perfect graphical brushes for enhancing dread inducing logos, haunted houses and other scenes of horror that demand the most grisly and bloody special effects of all.

Download the Crimson Blood Bath Collection

In Gory Summary

There are all sorts of blood splatter Photoshop brushes are available for designers to use today, some of the blood and paint brushes are free, whereas some brushes are premium products that require a small fee. On this page you will find a mix of free and premium blood spatter brushes and effects.

Adobe blood spatter brushes have generally made it easy for poster designers and graphical artists to transform their conceptual designs into a gruesome, scary and truly horrifying artwork.

Some types of Photoshop brushes that work really well with blood spatter art designs include: Dried blood splatter brushes, bloody brushes, blood spray design brushes and so many more gory effects. Paint brush spatter is a similar medium so a lot of these brushes and styles will work exceptionally well when trying to achieve these paint spatter effects also.

As for the typical usage of different types of blood splatter Photoshop brushes. Blood spatter brushes are normally used when you want to create epic terrifying and dreadful imagery. Canvases with horrifying art and designs.

So If you are keen to transform your poster artwork into a bloody and fearful looking piece of art then these blood spatter brushes and paint effects for Adobe Photoshop could be just the weapon you need for the job.