We’ve all had our grandma’s knit us a jumper or a pair of gloves for winter. Knitting isn’t the most appealing hobby out their, but Anna Mo has taken this interest to the extreme! She knits the largest sweaters and blankets from the biggest yarn around!

Her hand knitted blankets and sweatshirts are mean’t for giants rather than us tiny humans. The wool she uses comes from Merino sheep, this breed is well known and comes from Portugal. While the sheep are quite adaptable and love to forage, it’s wool us prized around the world.

This gigantic wool is known to be very soft with an excellent warmth to weight ratio. You can buy Anna Mo’s beautiful and large knitted wares on her Etsy. If you want to make your own hand-knitted wares she also sells giant wooden needles and balls of large yarn.

More info: Facebook | Etsy | Instagram (h/t: mymodernmet)