While looking at this photographs by Roland Fischer it will come as no surprise that you’ll think these are abstract paintings or even optical illusions. This Munich- and Beijing-based photographer has an exceptional way of capturing breathtaking photos of building exteriors in his latest series called, Facades.

He began this project 15 years ago, highlighting the bold colors and patterns of certain structures in major metropolitan areas in the cities Tokyo, Melbourne and Atlanta. These compositions contain a strong visual rhythm that are simply a joy to see!

Capturing only a small section of the buildings, you’ll never know the location of the buildings are you only see a tiny part of them which gives them a distinctive and new look. Roland says:

I noticed all these new buildings mushrooming everywhere, giving the impression that they could as well be from any other major town in the world,” Fischer told Slate. “I thought that this was a new urban visual experience, a consequence naturally of the then still new process of globalization.

Roland’s places change depending on the design and feel of each building. He showcases places like banks, corporate headquarters, museums, and even high schools. The Facades photography series has been recently turned into a book released by Hirmer Publishers and contains 100 breathtaking sights from around the world!

Above: Museum, Munich

Black Forest

High school, Utrecht

nab, Melbourne

Dong Sanhuan, Beijing

Metropolitan Plaza, Chongqing

Odaiba, Tokyo

Bank of America, Atlanta

Eldorado, Brasilia

Cicil Street, Singapore

Kitamagome, Tokyo

Lenbachhaus, Munich

Roland Fischer website
via [Slate]