Kids like to say that monsters hide under the bed, but, as an adult, we know what hides under the bed – our stuff! The area under the bed is an excellent place to keep extra items that you may need to keep out of the way but inside your home. For example, your closet may be too packed to hold your winter coats, but winter is not quite over, so you still need a couple – put them under the bed.

If you haven’t utilized the space under your bed for storage, you are missing out! Check out these ideas to help you maximize that empty area.

Repurpose an old dresser

One option for under the bed storage is to repurpose an old dresser drawer to provide you with a rolling storage space. The drawer will provide the area you need to store items and the addition of wheels will help it roll easily for you to access.

Use items you have in your home now

You likely have tons of different items in your home that can be used as storage for under the bed. Many people think that you have to have some fancy bins to keep items in, but this is not the case. Some of the items you can use that you may have lying around include baskets, wicker containers, shoe boxes, or even old cardboard moving boxes.

Consider a trundle bed

If you do not want to simply add your own items to create a storage area but you want to be able to utilize the space under the bed, consider purchasing a trundle bed. These beds have storage built into them and provide you with the convenience and additional space you need.

Totes will work too

Totes are an awesome way to store a lot of items, especially extra sheets, blankets, and sweaters. Long plastic totes are ideal for placing under the bed as they can hold quite a few items and stay hidden underneath the bed. They make it easy to access them when you need to change the bedding or simply grab a sweater to warm up.

Add wheels to things

Sounds kind of silly, right? It works though. For example, you can add wheels to an old bookshelf or suitcase, turn it on its side, and use it for storage under the bed. It is easy, simple, and works. These solutions offer you the convenience of being able to slide the storage in and out with ease as they are on wheels.

Final Thoughts

One of the nice things about storing items under the bed is that you do not have to worry about placing lids on the storage buckets or baskets you use. Remember, they are in your home and you want them to be easy to access and use. Whether you choose baskets, totes, or to repurpose an old furniture item, we are confident you will enjoy having the extra room under your bed.