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Do you happen to be a designer who has recently quit his company and gone completely freelance? If that is the case, you might have some problems figuring out how to make more money.

Not having to depend on others is very freeing, but it comes down with some downsides, mainly opportunities to look for job offers.

These ideas should definitely help you out and make you feel safer knowing that there will be work when you wake up tomorrow.

Custom Mugs

You have certainly seen mugs with sentences like “World’s Greatest Dad” or “World’s Worst Boss”. Well, novelty merchandise is always trending, and you can sell custom mugs with the help of Printify.

Or, if you do not feel like building a website from scratch yourself, you can always contact already established platforms and offer them your services as a designer. If you show them some great ideas, you’re a shoo-in.

Writing Articles

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That is right, you can establish a blog and share your accumulated knowledge in the form of writing.

It might take some time before you can monetize it, but as long as you can come up with consistent insightful content, it should not be a problem, especially these days when there are more options than just sticking to ad networks.


Similar to writing a blog, you can showcase how much you know by selling courses on the internet. A recently published Kajabi Review: Best Place To Sell Your Online Courses? discusses the most important aspects of how to make the most out of everything.

Courses on the internet have certainly become more popular recently, and there are lots to teach, which means that you will never run out of content.

T-Shirts and Hoodies

Similar to mugs, you can start your own venture on selling custom-made clothes like t-shirts and hoodies.

It all comes down to your design, but the possibilities are more or less limitless. You could focus entirely on whacky faces, inspiring quotes, interesting characters, and so on.

The amount of money you can make depends entirely on how far you are willing to go and whether you can find a niche that has little to no competition. There is lots of money to be made in this industry.

Photo Editing

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An average person does not know what there is more to a photographer’s work than just snapping a picture. No, that is more or less one of the easiest parts.

What comes next, however, is a bit of a challenging and annoying thing. That is not to say that absolutely every photographer hates to edit photos, but most of them would rather leave it in the hands of others. And that is where you come in, saving the day.

Book Covers

Even if you hear the words “never judge a book by its cover”, it should be noted that best-sellers, especially in e-book format, tend to have a very interesting cover. After all, that is the first thing potential buyers see, and if the cover catches their attention, it is much easier to at least make them read the synopsis.

The best authors are not cheap when it comes to marketing, and they know how much of an impact a good cover can have. Learning to create them is definitely worth your while.

Website Design

There are thousands of new websites popping up every single day. However, it should be noted that a big chunk of them are not created by professionals.

Amateurs are starting blogs and e-shops but without the right design, these types of sites will not go too far. That is why you can expect to get work if you can manage to sell yourself as a good website designer.

It should probably be best if you were to focus entirely on a single platform, like WordPress. As it is the most popular among all, you can expect to get the most job offers.

Video Game Industry

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Video games continue to be one of the most popular pastime activities, and the industry as a whole is still expanding. Indie games have also become quite prominent, and that is where plenty of newcomers find their first jobs.

Video game design is a lot of fun, and plenty of individuals who work here could not imagine doing anything else mostly because they are passionate about video games themselves.

Even if you have no interest in games yourself, you can still live a comfortable life, provided that you have the necessary skills.

To make a conclusion, working as a freelance designer might seem like a challenging thing at first, but once you realize all the opportunities out there, you should perfectly fine. Also, if you have no idea where to look for job offers, give websites like Fiverr and UpWork a try.