Recently, modern and farmhouse bathroom designs have topped the trends, and countless famous personalities are contributing to the hype. If you’re one of the few who feel a bit tired of keeping up with the trend, you might be interested in trying out classic designs. A vintage bathroom sounds like an excellent option.

Here, you will learn some helpful tips on how to transform your old bathroom design and get that vintage look that will always remain on-trend. Read more.

Vintage Inspired Bathroom Makeover Tips

To achieve a vintage interior design, you have to keep in mind that vintage pieces and color schemes are your absolute best friends.

Wooden Accents

They say that the key to looking vintage is to incorporate mid-century decors in your space. Adding a piece of wooden accessory can be a great first step. Examples are mirrors adorned with wooden frames, brass cabinet knobs, bright white painted walls for a fresher appearance, and retro plumbing fixtures to complete the look.

Avocado Green-rich Color Palette

Avocado green resembles a 1970’s kind of a craze. Most bathroom suites and even residential kitchens had an abundance of Avocado Green shades. If you think your bathroom walls need an ultimate elevation, you might want to consider converting and repainting with bright green hues to fit the vintage style you’re aiming for. It would be perfect to mix and match the vintage sink, toilet, tub, or authentic vintage decor pieces according to your liking. Be careful not to overdo it, if possible, keep the rest of the space simple-looking. You can do this by utilizing gray tiles for walls, minimalist round mirrors, and transparent organizers. Don’t worry about things looking mismatched, because blush pink draperies would easily tie all the looks together so, you’re good to go.


Vintage and Antique Elements

Another tip you can try is to fill your bathroom space with vintage and antique decorative pieces. This trick will not fail you. Use black as a base color – floors, tubs, mirror frames, drawers, or cabinets. For a much antique-like look, incorporate dark wooden accents to a bright avocado green colored wall. Pretty retro! Lastly, bring in a few greenery to give the space a relaxing feel.

Vintage Wallpapers

The one thing that cannot not exist in a vintage-designed space is the wallpaper. Almost every home in the ’70s have walls that were covered with gorgeously patterned wallpapers. Pink and white wallpapers were common in this era and would look perfect when paired with button-tufted furniture. Then, on the sides are wall-mounted fabric lampshades. What a perfect vibe to recreate!


Vintage Rugs

To add to the cozy vintage appearance of your bathroom, place some vintage oriental rugs in the center of the room to warm up the wooden floors. This will create a sense of modern-classic fusion as if the bathroom belongs in a 5-star hotel.

Original Vintage Pieces

Of course, nothing beats having original vintage pieces in a vintage-style bathroom. It would be priceless to have preserved vintage details in the space such as original tiles and plumbing fixtures from the mid-1900s. To give your space a fresh ambiance, try to include classic penny floor tiles in your decor items as well as marble accents. The result would be astonishing.

Additional tips: Shop Vintage!

When we hear the word vintage, some people would immediately associate it with something old, fussy, or outdated. Generally, vintage is being linked with a bad reputation. Get over this thinking because vintage does not have to mean weird or outdated, it could be a representation of a unique and genuine sense of style. So why shop vintage?


Buying second-hand pieces could save the environment from a lot of pressure and material waste. Reusing and buying the existing goods that we have will help alleviate the need to reproduce, therefore, minimizing the possibility of throwing away good items.

Unmatched Quality

It is pretty undeniable that vintage goods have way better quality than the ones recently made. The benefit of vintage pieces does not decrease over time due to their unmatched production in terms of quality.

It’s cheaper

It’s always a great idea to invest in genuine vintage pieces because 1. it doesn’t fail to provide optimum benefits, 2. it won’t break the bank. There are plenty of adorable vintage pieces that would look perfect in your vintage style bathroom, you only have to look for them in the right places – eBay, Etsy, Depop, and even in your local thrift stores.


As mentioned, in pulling off a vintage interior design for your space, vintage pieces and color schemes are your absolute best friends. But it’s not enough to purchase vintage items. You need to know how to put them all together. provides unlimited bathroom decor ideas that will surely give you hints on how to kickstart your new bathroom project. Head on to their website and check out their latest posts for tips.