Do you look around your home and feel like it could be anyone’s home? Is the design concept stylish enough but it just seems to be lacking in personality? Does your home fail to reflect your personal style, which is unique to you? This is something that a lot of homeowners struggle to achieve as it can be really hard to work those personal touches into a design plan that is either existing or that you are planning. However, we’ve got some really simple ways that you can make your home better reflect your personal style.

Bring Artwork into the Home

One of the best ways to reflect your style is to use artwork throughout the home. There are no rules about what artwork to pick, which means you can choose pieces that speak to you. You can also play around with different colors, mediums and themes throughout the house, creating a very customized look that will feel luxe and high-end.

As you start to build your collection of artwork, it’s a good idea to start with the common rooms, where you’ll spend the most amount of time and entertain guests. This will have the most impact. You can then move on to other rooms such as the bedrooms.

Choose a Color Palette That Speaks to You

Rather than worrying about what the trending home color palettes of the season or year are, choose a color palette that speaks to you. Perhaps you have a favorite color or colors? If so, why not make them a focal point in your home? If your favorite color is a little too bright and bold to be the anchor color, let it act as a pop of unexpected color throughout. You will still achieve flow and cohesion with the design, and you can get creative in how you display that pop of color in each room.

Furniture Placement Will Have a Role

While you may think the design and type of furniture is the best way to reflect your personality, it’s important to give credit to the impact of furniture placement. The way you arrange furniture in each room of your house needs to reflect how you live, i.e., your lifestyle. You can create quiet nooks and areas for reading, spaces that are meant for socializing and conversing with others and even change up the purpose of rooms so that they work for your needs.

A Photo Wall Provides Personality

If you don’t have a lot of time to pour into a new design and you have a tight budget you want to stick to, one of the most effective ways your home can reflect your style is to create a photo wall. The main reason why photo walls are so eye-catching is because they are unique. No photo wall can be replicated because they are your memories, your special moments, and your unique pictures.

The creativity isn’t just reflected in the photos you choose, but also in the frames and the placement of the pictures. You can keep things balanced and uniform by selecting all the same sized pictures and frames, or you can create a more eclectic vibe and choose a variety of frame sizes and stagger them on the wall. You can always search online for new ideas and inspiration, as well as great deals to save you money.

Each of these tips will help you to inject some personality into your home, making sure it feels perfect to you and what you strive to achieve. When it comes to reflecting your personal style, there are no rights and wrongs, and you have complete creative freedom.