So, you’ve decided to push back your tropical vacation and funnel that extra cash into your home improvement project budget. Transforming your master bedroom into a mini staycation may be the perfect way to satisfy your travel bug and fill those weekends otherwise spent loafing on the couch.

Those homeowners hoping to give their sleeping spaces a touch of sophistication, try modeling your master bedroom after a 5-star hotel suite. That way, every day spent at home will feel like a luxury getaway.

If you’ve only witnessed the joys of indulging in a 5-star hotel suite from afar, pillow chocolates, bath-towel animals, and king-sized beds sprinkled with rose petals may play the starring roles of your wildest dreams. When transforming your bedroom into a luxury hotel suite, you’ll need to channel your inner socialite and prioritize all things luxurious in your home improvement efforts.

Make your bed feel 5-star-worthy

If you identify as a travel enthusiast, you book tropical vacations in hopes of exploring uncharted waters, trying your hand at surfing or paddleboarding, or unwinding on those picturesque white sandy beaches. Secretly, you probably look forward to slipping into the sheets’ of a luxury hotel bed almost as much as you look forward to visiting tourist attractions.

That said, the centerpiece of your at-home elegant hotel suite should be your bed. To give your sleeping space the touch of elegance it deserves, you can drape your bed with:

  • Fine white linens with high thread counts (unfitted sheets preferred)
  • Down comforter that matches the surrounding decor

Once you’ve purchased a comforter and fresh white linens worthy of a 5-star suite, you can add the final touches: big fluffy pillows, reminiscent of the plush clouds you’ll find on a beachfront resort.

To ensure your bed is suitable for a king or a queen, homeowners will also want to shop for a high-quality mattress from a reputable manufacturer like Essentia ( If you intend on living like royalty, you might as well sleep like royalty.

As for transforming the rest of your bedroom to look like a European palace, here are a few more suggestions.

Section off your bedroom

Hotel suites are known for their multiple rooms and seating areas. Unlike the run-of-the-mill hotel room that falls below a $200 price range, a suite will feature a kitchenette (equipped with state-of-the-art kitchen appliances), a formal office space, and a seating area complete with a television. If you want to transform your living space into a modern hotel suite replica, you’ll need to section the bedroom off into individual living spaces.

For example, homeowners can create a sitting area, a working area with a desk, and a little kitchen area with a coffee pot and mini-fridge. If you’d prefer to keep food and drinks out of your sleeping oasis, you can swap out the makeshift kitchen area for a reading nook.

Matching decor

A luxury 5-star hotel suite will typically feature perfectly-matched decor throughout the suite. You can accomplish this look by incorporating trim around the ceiling and baseboards, hanging artwork on the walls, and purchasing window coverings that match your comforter of choice.

Flowers and scents

A luxury hotel suite often includes little touches that help create a peaceful and spa-like atmosphere. Adding fresh flowers and scented oils to your master bedroom will help you achieve a soothing ambiance.
If you want to create a romantic atmosphere try scents. Scents do attract and bring couples closer, so try using aphrodisiac scents for a romantic evening.

Focus on lighting

The key to designing a 5-star hotel suite just steps away from the hustle-and-bustle of kids at play and spouses dashing off to work is the right lighting. When looking to add a touch of elegance to their master bedrooms, homeowners should never underestimate the power of dimmer switches.

After you section off your makeshift hotel suite, add soft lighting around the sleeping area and place bright lamps around the reading and working areas.

Add Personal Touches

After you create your luxury sleeping space, you’ll want to make it yours. Unlike a hotel room in a tropical location, you can add personal touches like family photographs, bookshelves, and other knick knacks.

Final thoughts

Don’t settle for a dingy or outdated master suite filled with eyesores or obnoxious lightning. After all, this lack of attention to detail may disrupt your nightly sleep routine. When considering a home renovation project, remember the importance of a thoughtfully-designed sleep oasis