If you often deal with PDF files for study or work reasons, you may need to merge multiple documents. In that case – if you want some advice from a friend – don’t rely on too complicated software. You don’t need expensive paid solutions to do this simple operation. You can safely rely on free online solutions that are more immediate and simple to use, like the ones this article is about to tell you.

Now, believe it or not, connect to the right sites and select your documents to merge PDFs. In a matter of minutes, you will get perfect PDF files, compatible with any software and any device that keeps the original files’ contents intact (within the limits of the possible).


On the other hand, a lot of free online software allows you to merge the content of two or more PDF files in a few clicks without even requiring tedious installation procedures. Are you ready to make their acquaintance? Find everything explained below.


Why merge PDF files?

The recipient can quickly get confused when you send several PDF files, as they have to download, open and read each one individually. The same is true when you individually scan several pages that are part of the same document.


On the other hand, in both cases, it is helpful to merge PDF files. However, the classic Adobe Acrobat Reader program does not offer this possibility in its free version. But there is no require to misery, as many tools allow you to do this. You can choose from various free online tools from as many different suppliers. But what can happen when you merge multiple documents is that the final file reaches a considerable size. You can find practical tools online to reduce the size of files of this type quickly.


Merge PDF files: online with PDF Unlimited online software


Are you looking for a method to merge two PDF files into one file and also make changes to the page order? As simple as PDF files are to open and read, they are sometimes difficult to edit. In reality, you just need to know the right tools, and it is straightforward to merge multiple PDF files into one, perhaps even managing the order of the pages and more.


To do this in the fastest way and without weighing down the computer you are working on, the best solution to merge two or more PDF files is the one that appears online, without downloading software or programs, without subscriptions, but on a free site to be reached with your browser.


On the other hand, online tools are handy when you need a quick fix. In fact, they do not require the Download and allow you to merge several PDF files into one document quickly. One solution could be, for example, the pdf unlimited online software: all you need is an Internet connection, and in a few steps, you can upload your PDF files to your browser.

So let’s find out the process to merge two PDF documents in a few simple steps.


Step 1: Open PDF Unlimited website and click on “Merge PDF”

Open the pdf unlimited online software home page and Click the PDF Merge button to use this feature.


Step 2: Upload the PDF files you want to merge

Upload the PDF files for merging. You can drag it directly to the selected area or specify the file’s path you want to search. Select all the pages that make up the new PDF document. The selected page is marked with a brown border so you can instantly recognize it.


Step 3: Merge and download a new PDF file

Click on merge, and your new PDF will be ready. Click Download to save to your computer. You can also select other export options, for example, email, Dropbox, Google Drive, or fax archive. In addition to direct downloading, the program also offers some editing and rendering options for new PDF files.


In conclusion

If you generally work with PDF files, it is recommended that you use pdf unlimited online software. Your options for PDF file merging are much more advanced, and you can rest assured that your documents will be kept private. It has no limits for the files to be uploaded, has a simple and intuitive interface, and is great for privacy since, after an hour from the operation, it deletes all the files uploaded by the user.