First time playing a lottery or have already made multiple unsuccessful attempts?

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a newbie or an old-timer, everyone wants a secret key to the room full of money. While we may not give you the key, we can give you some useful tips on how to increase the chances of winning whatever lottery you’re taking.

It’s all about numbers!

The first thing you’ll need to do is buy a lottery ticket. Here comes the tricky part, it’s the easiest yet the most important step in the game.

You can go both ways from here:

  • Buy as many tickets as you can afford to get one step closer to the win.
  • Create a group of people, where each member would pay a certain amount of money (call it a membership payment or a deposit), which will cover the cost of tickets altogether. You will have more tickets and, as a result, higher probability of winning. But, keep in mind that the tickets will belong to all group members on equal terms and if one of them wins, the prize will be shared.

Play big going for small

Imagine how many players there are on national lotteries in every country. It’s all about simple statistics – the more players there are in a game the less are your chances to win. Find some not-so-famous lotteries with a smaller number of participants and that will add to your chances of taking the prize. You can find all of them on LottoAsian. But you might need a special VPN to access this site.

Use your tickets twice

Many lotteries offer a chance of using the ticket twice, but not everyone knows that. Check out whether the company, that issued your ticket, falls into the category of those who do. To make sure your ticket officially enters the game for the second time, fulfill the form on the back of it and send it in.

Hot and cold

Those, who have played lotteries, know that there are hot and cold numbers to choose from. Although it may or may not meet one’s aspirations of winning, many players rely on this theory when it comes to picking numbers.

Hot numbers are those, that have been frequently selected throughout the history of lotteries, whereas cold numbers are the least selected ones.

There are two theories. Some believe that hot numbers ostensibly are more likely to get picked, while others claim that the time of cold numbers has come and that they can bring the long-awaited prize.

The relevance of any of these theories is being disputed, meanwhile, some people who stick to them, are getting their wins.

Sign your tickets

It’s important to maintain a positive vibe in everything and lotteries are not an exception.

Visualize your success to make it happen and when it happens, you will have to confirm that the ticket is yours and you are the winner. To avoid fraud and getting your ticket lost or stolen, sign it. And if you are ended up here and decided that you are not that big fan of lotteries but still want to get a portion of adrenaline, you can get it while playing in G club casino.