The pool area can be one of the most flattering features of a home. And to actually enjoy it, homeowners have to decorate it in a personal way. The best thing about pools is they can easily be turned into relaxation areas, sometimes similar to the ones found in fancy spas. To create the perfect design to relax with your loved ones, regardless of how chaotic your day-to-day life is, we have some smart and inspiring design ideas you can use for your pool area.

Integrate a couple of hammocks

Lounge chairs work amazingly but think about the visual effect of several hanging hammocks on your pool deck. Hammocks can help improve outdoor spaces visually and offer them an extra kick. If you aspire to that never-ending vacation, this is the solution you’re searching for.

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To install your hammocks, you need several poles. Carefully read the instructions they come with. You want to ensure they’re sturdy and they will last you a lifetime.

A couple of hammocks will turn your back yard into every family member’s favourite spot. You’ll improve your relationships while relaxing in a small tropical oasis.

Potted plants to bring your pool area to life

Speaking of a tropical oasis, potted palm trees make incredible choices for your pool area. Turn your deck into a lush jungle with the help of a couple of palm trees and an assortment of plants that behave well in the climate where you live. Try to fill large terracotta pots with an assortment of plants. This will improve the overall look of your back yard and will give your pool area a lively kick.

Plants have another important role here. While being pleasing to the eye, they offer the necessary shade to remain comfortable during the summer months. Plus, greenery is scientifically proven to improve the mood!

Pay attention to visuals when choosing your plants and pots. Different sizes and shapes will offer your pool are a rustic, comfortable vibe while pots of similar sizes will inspire a minimalist design.

Decorative lighting

Adding some decorative lights can be achieved in all pool areas, but we find it works better for above the ground ones. They have an incredible design and they are more functional, in this case. Being above the ground makes it easier to mix and match different lighting solutions in the vicinity of your pool without blocking the easy access to your pool.

If you prefer to leave the area outside the pool untouched, think about brightening your pool area up with some floating pool lights. They come in attractive shapes and forms, they are fun, and an incredibly effective way to brighten up your pool.

You can find such solutions at specialized retailers. They come in different shapes and forms, and they double with success as outdoor lights. The best thing about these pools is not even the appealing designs they come in. It’s the fact that they’re solar-light powered. You won’t have to worry about changing their batteries.

Consider adding more shade

If you can’t bring large, lush potted plants in your back yard, at least consider adding a sunshade or a large umbrella. Aesthetically speaking, a sunshade is a better choice. In terms of functionality, more shade will make your pool area more relaxing, comfortable, and welcoming.

For a fun outdoor pool design, think about installing some shade sails. They block with success UV rays, and they are extremely durable. Besides, this may be one of the most affordable yet pleasant to the eye shading option you have.

No matter your choice of shade, improving this part will play a huge role in making your pool area more comfortable and safer.

Set up a small dining corner

For pool owners who have a generous backyard, setting up a small outdoor dining area will make their pool area more relaxing and welcoming.

To enjoy your relaxation corner for a long time, choose durable outdoor furniture. Try to match it with the general design of your home. Pay attention to comfort in the process. Go for chairs with comfy cushions instead of wood sittings. Being placed near your pool, you want to make sure they are waterproof and resistant.

This is one of the easiest ways to turn your backyard into a place where your family and friends can gather and have a good time. People who don’t swim can hang out at the table and interact, even though they’re not using the pool.

Give your deck a well-deserved remodel

If your pool area has remained unchanged throughout the years, it might use a small makeover. Start with a deck resurfacing. This will help you keep your deck healthy and sturdy for longer. Although the process has huge structural benefits for your deck, it also improves the looks of your pool area.

The process is simple, and it consists of adding a fresh layer of sealing varnish over your deck. This makeover will make your deck sturdier, and it will give it a refreshed look.

Alternatively, specialized companies usually offer resurfacing services with a decorative overlay. In this case, the options are endless. From stamped design to brick or wood design, you can choose virtually anything that goes with your pool area.

Turn your pool areas into a welcoming relaxation oasis. Some plants, low music, and a set of perfect deck furniture can go a long way. Make sure to pay attention to all the elements mentioned above. You will have an easier time to create the perfect, complete pool area you have always dreamed about. Plants and flowers also play a huge role. They will help you recreate the vacation design you want to achieve for years.

Do some research on your own, find some inspiring Pinterest boards and try to replicate the ideas you love the most. Design is, after all, subjective enough to allow you to adapt the ideas you find to your own needs.