Totally revamping all or part of your home is a wonderful opportunity. It gives you the chance to redesign a completely blank canvas. Using the color in nature can add character to your homes interior. It can be a challenging experience to say the least. But it’s also invigorating and an exciting process nonetheless.

Before you decide to run to the local DIY material store to buy new paint, we’d like you to consider something first. We’d like you to consider using the colors in nature when repainting and redesigning your home.

These natural colors are gorgeous, attractive, and make your home feel more welcoming and inviting. So if you plan to redesign the interior of your family room, kitchen, bathroom, or bedroom, using brilliant colors found in nature is certainly a magnificent idea.



We love this recommendation for a number of reasons. For starters, it typically matches well with the colors of affordable kitchen cabinets. Plus, it provides additional warmth and it’s an alluring option. So when people step foot in your home, they’ll always feel welcomed. They’ll always feel like they’re in the right place.

And since it’s consistent with a creamy brown color, it isn’t going to clash with the hues of your other accessories. It will match perfectly with your furniture, your kitchen cabinets as we mentioned above, and much of your artwork and other interior pieces.

Even better, hazelnut seems to be a popular color no matter what year it happens to be. So it’s going to remain in style for a long time.

And since it’s such a comforting color, it’s very easy to walk into a hazelnut shaded room and feel brighter and livelier than you did before entering the space. So it brings a measure of serenity and peace to those living and working in this space as well.

Soft Clay

Homeowners who desire to make their home feel more down to earth will love adding soft clay to the mix. It’s a wonderful option and a great choice instead of picking your typical beiges and browns that you’ll usually find in the wide majority of rooms. Even so, soft clay also meshes very well with colors like these because it is a perfect match. And this color is casual, elegant, and quite welcoming to boot.

Soft clay is excellent when paired with other colors. It meshes well with terra-cotta, clove, caramel, and burnt orange. This color is earthy, neutral, and quite natural, so it creates a level of beauty and added personality that you don’t typically find in most homes.

Even more interesting is that it’s a hot color in 2019. By choosing soft clay, you are choosing the trendy option that will elevate and create positive vibes in every room.

Dark Greens

These natural colors are very attractive inside and outside the home. When you use them inside your home, you’ll create a welcome and natural feeling in each and every room.

Deep green makes it feel like you are spending time in a lush botanical garden. It also provides a healing effect and it’s a great foundational color that can really spruce up the inside of your home quite nicely.

Dark green colors go very well in large living spaces with excellent lighting. So feel free to paint the walls or the accents dark green in your living room, family room, or a large bedroom.

On the other hand, dark green colors do not mesh well in smaller spaces. In fact, your small room will look a lot darker than it needs to if you paint it using dark green colors.

Bottom Line

Hopefully you’ll take this list of beautiful natural colors and use them for your own interior design inspirations. We’ve told you about many of the most popular natural colors being used today. So if you are transforming your interior, you should consider these colors as the best and most popular options to brighten up your home. They’ll help your place of abode feel warmer, calmer, and definitely more inviting.