Games are an integral part of childhood. Whether you’re a kid or not, there’s something about being able to escape reality and get lost in the world of Mario Kart that is alluring. Timezone Rotorua is a retro arcade that features games from decades ago – it’s sure to bring back some fond memories.

History of Arcade games

Arcade games date back to 1971 when Pong was developed by Atari’s Allan Alcorn. The game is a simple tennis-style video game where players use two buttons to move up and down as they hit the ball with their bat – similar to table tennis.

A year later, Atari released a game called 1972 that was developed by Joe Decuir and has players working as air traffic controllers for incoming flights. It was one of the first arcade video games with multiplayer capabilities! Players had to work together on their controllers to guide planes safely to their landing.

The golden age of arcade games happened in the 80s and 90s when various manufacturers were competing for market share by releasing new game consoles every few years.

Why should I go to Timezone Rotorua?

· Timezone Rotorua offers a big trip down memory lane with all the vintage arcade games.

· It’s good for nostalgic gamers who have been around since the 80s, with everything from Pac-Man to Contra.

· Timezone Rotorua is a great place to have fun with your family and friends.

· Cost friendly, you can fill up on tokens and keep going back to have more.

· Friendly staff, big arcade hall, clean and spacious.

· It has over one hundred games in total, with all sorts of machines from many different periods that vary depending on what you like.

· The arcade also has a lounge with comfortable space for people who want to relax, as well as theatre seating so you can enjoy the games from different angles and perspectives.

Games available at Timezone Rotorua

At Timezone Rotorua, there is a variety of games to select from. There are classic Arcade games like Pac-Man, Donkey Kong, and Street Fighter II. Laser tags, bumper cars, glow golf are also available. However, most people love to have a bowling rotorua experience.

Are there games for kids and adults?

Yes, the arcade has games for everyone – from kids to adults. Here, adults get to experience a youthful feeling that is brought along by the games, while the kids get to experience a time worth remembering.

Can you hold events in Rotorua?

Yes, Timezone Rotorua can host events. The arcade has a range of areas that are perfect for hosting different types of events – from children’s birthday parties to corporate meetings.

Is it Expensive to play games at Timezone Rotorua?

Timezone Rotorua offers competitive prices in comparison to other gaming arcades out there. It provides games at affordable rates.

Safety and Security at Rotorua

There are guards at the door and CCTV cameras monitoring the place. The arcade is also equipped with the latest technology in gaming to give you a safe and secure experience. You will have a great time playing games without any interruption.