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It’s that time of year where we start to pay a little more attention to our gardens, wondering how we can make sure they look their best for the summer months. No matter if your garden is big or small, there’s always a number of ways you can improve the way it looks and adding a gorgeous garden planter to the outside area is a surefire way to start.

There is no doubt that you’ve neglected your garden a little over the winter months; after all, who wants to be gardening in the cold winter weather? Now that summer is in full swing we can bet that you’re on the lookout for the best plants and decorative features to spruce it up a bit and make the garden look inviting and relaxing for friends and family.

The Perfect Summer Planters for Your Garden

Planters for gardens and decking

Planters for gardens and external decking: They can go anywhere such as livening up a apartment penthouse pictured here.

If you are a people person then you probably like entertaining and hosting guests at your main residence. Perhaps for dinner parties, drinks evenings or for lazy summer Barbecues on the new decking. The lawn looks tidy, the path is swept and the garden furniture is bright and clean. Yet something is missing from the picture, great accessories and there is no better garden accessory than an elegant set of garden planters for the outdoor areas surrounding the home.

Outdoor flower planters can be one of the easiest and most effective ways to enhance your garden, adding a little bit of style and colour to your outdoor space. So if you’re looking for a way to improve your garden in time for summer, you might want to consider investing in some planters!

Adding Planters to the Garden : Planter Video Tips

Sometimes it is better to watch and learn. Enjoy this carefully selected series of planter video tutorials and garden design tips. Discover what the experts are recommending right now and make the garden or decking bloom all across the long hot summer months.

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Choosing the Right Planter Size

Choosing the Right Planter Size

Choosing the Right Planter Size : Be sure to choose the right sized planter for the available space in your garden or decking area.

First, it may be beneficial to decide how big you want your planters to be. This can depend on how big your garden is in the first place; after all, you don’t want to use up all your available space with one big planter and have no room for any other creative ideas!

Planters can be the best way to break up your porch or patio as well as the garden itself, so it may be worth taking a look at your options and placing a few different sized planters around your garden. From jumbo sized planters that can really make an impact, to understated smaller planters, the choice is all yours. Simply put garden flowers in planters look awesome all summer long.

What Kind of Planter Shapes and Designs?

Choosing Amazing Planter Designs

Choosing Amazing Planter Designs : As you can see here there are all sorts of creative ways to add style and substance to a garden by way of creative planter designs.

When it comes to outdoor flower planters, the possibilities are endless. Not only can you pick the right size for your garden, you can also choose from a wide range of shapes too. Ensuring you can find the perfect flower planter to fit in your garden, you can select from round, square, rectangular or tall planters.

While this may be down to personal preference and which style you like the most, you might want to consider what will look best with your existing garden. Trough rectangular planters are often very popular for the edge of your patio, while tall planters look great to frame your patio doors. Adding a touch of personality and character to your outdoor space, the shape of your planter can have an impact on the overall look of your garden.

Selecting a Suitable Planter Color

Choosing Planter Colors

Choosing Planter Colors : Variation in color can really mix up the design and impact of the flower arrangements and planters in your garden and outdoor spaces. Bright colors and hues and vibrancy and attract the eye time and time again.

The color of your planters and flower arrangements outside the home can transform your garden into an exotic paradise, especially if you’ve chosen colourful plants too. Depending on the look you’re trying to create, there’s a perfect color for it.

For an elegant and timeless garden, you might want to consider a striking black planter to offset the bright colors of your garden flowers. On the other hand, you may want to opt for something bright and cheerful like red, blue or even white for instance.

Whether you choose to stick with one colour theme or vary your choices, you can create a colourful garden whether your plants thrive or not!

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Final Thought

So this summer season, make sure you give your garden or decking area some much needed tender loving care and choose the best summer planters for your outside area and for entertaining and relaxing.

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