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When it comes to digital marketing, there are many different avenues you can explore to grow your business. In this day and age though, one that you really don’t want to miss out on using is video marketing. Read on for some key benefits of creating videos for your venture, and some tips on how to do so properly so that you reap the maximum rewards possible. With so many video marketing benefits available for businesses and new ventures it would be a shame to get left behind.

Top Benefits of Using Videos in Your Business

One of the first benefits of creating videos as part of your digital marketing campaigns is that this type of engaging content can really help to generate more interest in your business and increase leads. You can enjoy great value for money through videos, as they can allow you to easily grab the attention of current and potential customers around the world, especially through mobile views. In fact, some statistics show that online videos actually account for 50 percent of mobile web traffic.

A major reason why videos are so popular, and thereby helpful to businesses, is that consumers regularly prefer to watch videos than read blocks of text on a page or screen. As such, lots of people will give their attention for longer, and more attentively, to videos than written content.

Greater Audience Engagement

Video Marketing Ideas

Video Marketing Ideas : Smooth video is simply more engaging than dull, bland banner ads

In addition to this increased engagement, videos can make a more memorable impression more quickly, and increase conversions to boot. This is particularly due to the fact that videos allow you to explain things to shoppers well, and to provide instructions so that they understand how to finalize transactions and/or use your products or services. This is exactly the same reason that explainer videos and digital avatars also work so well, namely high on page engagement.

Video Marketing Tips and Tutorials

Check out our choice selection of video marketing tips and tutorials from some of the very best video marketing professionals working today in 2017.

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If you want to build your organization’s brand, then video marketing can also help you to do this effectively. Through using video content on your website and social media posts, and allowing it to be used on other companies’ pages, you can quickly communicate the specific mission, values, and personality of your brand and team. With video being a visual and auditory communication form, it can get across a lot more at a time than simple text can.

Videos will help you to encourage people to spend more time getting to know your products, services, and overall brand online, and will also make it easier to build trust with consumers. The reason for this is that, through video content, you can better demonstrate the many benefits of your products or services, as well as the culture in your workplace and the true meaning behind your brand. Through video you can entertain, inspire, and inform people, and assist shoppers to make decisions about what they buy and how they use the things they purchase.

Tangible SEO Benefits From Video Content

Benefits of Video Marketing

Benefits of Video Marketing: There is a perception in some quarters that creating video content for blogs, ads or content marketing is a complicated hassle. Not so as modern video marketing tools make designing new video content quick and fluid.

Boosted search engine optimization (SEO) results is another reason why more and more businesses are choosing to add videos to their marketing plans. These days most people head straight online to a search engine to find out about products or services, so all businesses need to be easily found in this way.

While there are numerous tactics you can follow to increase your SEO rankings, you should note that in recent years, search engines (Google in particular) have been placing more and more importance on videos as a means of providing answers to consumers. As such, they adjust their algorithms accordingly, and favor brands which host and link to their own video content. As a result, creating videos for your business will help you to rank better online for search terms relevant to your venture and the content you create.

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Tips for Creating Powerful Videos That Work

Before you start creating any videos for your organization, it pays to stop and think about how to go about doing so effectively. For instance, keep in mind that it’s not about just producing lots and lots of new videos all the time, but about creating quality content that consumers will get a lot of value from.

While you can certainly create videos yourself, it is beneficial to utilize the services of a specialist firm that can put together shareable, professional, effective and memorable products in a short timeframe. There are many top corporate video companies to choose from, for instance, as well as other specialists found around the country.

Short, Sweet and to the Point

Something else to be aware of when you’re planning out your videos is that it is best to keep them short and sweet. Productions of around 30 seconds or less tend to be the most popular. If you have more in-depth content that you want to promote, it is a good idea to break this up into segments and post each part as a separate video, rather than letting one video run on for a long time. People are busy, and have short attention spans, so often won’t bother listening to lengthy videos or sharing them with their friends.

Final Thought : Video Marketing Benefits

Another tip is to ensure that every one of the videos you make has at least some way of contacting you listed at the beginning and/or end, so that viewers can easily get more information if interested. You should also add a specific call to action to boost conversions. For example, you can mention a limited-time deal people can get in touch about; a newsletter they can be directed to sign up to; or a competition they can enter once they have purchased a product or service from you.

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