2020 has bestowed modern society with a cornucopia of valuable life lessons. The importance of having a nurturing and comfortable home is one of the biggest takeaways from a year that was all about self-isolation and social distancing.

As lockdown and quarantine force people to retreat indoors, working from home became the norm. While remote working isn’t a new concept, it has grabbed the spotlight amidst the pandemic.

Even after the pandemic is over, this trend is likely to continue. This is because many employers have realized that their staff can be productive outside the conventional workplace. Also, letting employees work from home helps businesses cut operational costs.

So, whether you’re self-employed or working for a company, it’s a good idea to start creating a home office setup (if you haven’t done that already). While you could always plonk your laptop on your bed and start your work-day, this practice is going to affect your productivity and performance.

On top of that, it’s going to affect your posture and could result in long-term cervical spine disorders. Also, you need to keep any distractions, including social media, television, and noisy kids, at bay while you’re working.

So, if you’ve been contemplating designing a home office, it’s high time you take action. In this blog, we’ve outlined a few nifty tips to help you create a home office that maximizes comfort, focus, and productivity. Let’s take a look.

1. Find the Right Spot

No. That desk and chair in an obscure corner of your living room won’t make a good home office. If you want to fully utilize your time and energy, you must create a dedicated workspace in your home.

Of course, not everyone can afford a house that’s big enough to have multiple spare rooms. But this shouldn’t stop you from enjoying the comfort of a dedicated home office. You just have to find and revamp underutilized spaces in your home.

For instance, you might have a guest room that’s hardly being used ever since the pandemic struck. You could rearrange the furniture and redecorate the room to convert it into your workplace. If you’re looking for more inspiration to revamp any corner of your home, we’ve found this resourceful article (https://www.onlyoakfurniture.co.uk/8-tips-when-redecorating/) on Only Oak Furniture’s blog.

Other areas that can be turned into multi-functional spaces include storage sheds, drying rooms, and attics. Irrespective of the location you select, make sure it’s free from household distractions and gives you enough privacy. You should also consider whether you’ll need to host in-person client meetings before finalizing a spot for your home office.

2. Treat Yourself to a Good View

No one enjoys looking up from a computer screen to stare into a blank wall. The best way of avoiding this is to choose a spot with a large window. If most of your work revolves around a computer, make sure you position it in a way that light from the window doesn’t cause any reflection or glare on the screen.

If your home office doesn’t have a window, don’t deprive your eyes of a soothing view. Hang a picture or painting of a natural landscape on the wall right in front of your desk. Also, you could dress up the other walls with beautiful mirrors found over at West Mirrors.

3. Buy New Furniture

There’s a reason why offices have plush revolving chairs and sturdy tables with keyboard and mouse trays. The furniture is designed to ensure that you maintain a comfortable yet erect posture throughout the day.

So, the dining table, lounge chair, or bean bag you’ve been using as your lounge chair won’t make the cut. If you’re planning to work from home in the long run, it’s wiser to invest in an ergonomic office chair and computer table.

While you’re at it, don’t forget to get a bookshelf or storage cabinet to organize all your files, notebooks, and paperwork. Avoid the practice of stacking multiple files on your desk. Apart from being visually unappealing, it’ll also act as a distraction.

4. Add a Splash of Green

Part of the reason people enjoy working from home is because of the comfortable and welcoming ambiance. You can make your home office more inviting by placing a few indoor plants. It could be just the touch of liveliness you need to break the monotony of your office equipment and stationery.

How did you go about dressing up your home office? Share your suggestions in the comments section below.