The most popular JLC watch is probably the so-called Batman Watch. That particular model was released at the same time that The Dark Knight Rises hit theaters in 2012. The Batman Watch is actually based on the Reverso Ultra Thin, which is a tribute to the 1931 original. The Batman Watch of course features a Batman logo on the rear side. It’s a cool-looking watch with a sleek black dial and strap made from alligator leather and stainless steel. Indeed, it’s something that the billionaire Bruce Wayne will wear himself. Both geeks and collectors instantly took notice of the watch.

The connection between the iconic superhero and Jaeger LeCoultre didn’t just start with the release of the Batman Watch. Christian Bale, the actor who played the role of Bruce Wayne/Batman in the Chris Nolan trilogy, reportedly wore a JLC watch since the first installment. Val Kilmer, another actor who played Batman, also wore a Jaeger LeCoultre watch when he was filming the Batman Forever movie in 1995. Actually, the very first Batman Watch was produced in 1995. But it was not as striking as the 2012 version so it didn’t get enough attention from the media. But it’s still a popular watch on the second-hand market and a must have for JLC collectors.

Jaeger LeCoultre watches have always been prized by collectors. What many people probably don’t know is that the brand has supplied movements and other parts to other well-known companies such as Patek Philippe and Audemars Piguet. The very first JLC watch was launched in 1833 and since then the company continued to make advancements in the watchmaking world. In 2009, the company managed to make the most complicated watch in the world. It’s a timepiece that features 26 complications. The company has always been known for creating timepieces that are well-engineered. So it’s not surprising that other luxury brands rely on it for the movements.

The Reverso watch was first launched in 1931. It was designed for polo players who needed a watch that is shock-proof so they can wear it while they are playing. The design of the watch was inspired by the popular art movement of the time, which is art deco. Collectors love the watch because they can personalize it by engraving their names on the swiveling case. The New Reverso Tribute to 1931 watch was commissioned by Eduardo Fagliano of Argentina. He also designs boots for Argentinian polo players. This is interesting since the Reverso was originally made for polo players. This is a limited edition JLC watch. Only 100 pieces of the stainless steel watch were released. If you want, be ready to spend $7,250 for it.

The 2012 Batman JLC watch is still very popular today. Many still want to add it to their collection. It’s not only a very good-looking watch but it’s connection to Batman makes it even more valuable. Who wouldn’t want to own a watch that Batman himself wore. If it’s good enough for a superhero, then it’s good enough for you.