Is it practical to add a full-size fridge to a mini kitchen? After all, a small kitchen is generally considered 70 square feet or smaller. Thus, many homeowners are choosing micro-kitchen designs for small kitchens with small footprints and tinier appliances, according to The New York Times. When taking this approach it’s important to consider not only general tips for kitchen remodeling but also ways to add major appliances like refrigerators to tiny kitchens.

Understanding the Benefits of Micro kitchens

Small kitchens are trending today partly because of their various benefits. They provide less countertop space for clutter buildup. In addition, having fewer pots and pans reduces the amount of dishwashing you must do after home-cooked meals. Small kitchens also provide a cozy environment that allows cooks to bond with family and friends due to the limited floor space. So, when researching how to select a fridge that fits your home, always consider the size and ample space.

Consider the Fridge’s Size and Impact on Space

Not enough kitchen space? Consider a mini-fridge. For example, you could hide it underneath the kitchen island. Another option is to select a tall and slim unit to fit snugly in narrow kitchens. Always leave enough space beside the major appliance in case you want to add a larger unit later. Another alternative is to reduce the refrigerator’s effect. For example, select a stainless steel or grey finish that makes the appliance less impactful. You can also add custom cabinets that fit seamlessly beside the fridge so there’s no wasted space. Hiding the icebox behind cabinets completely prevents it from being a statement piece.

Arrange the Fridge with Décor

First, you can complement the appliance and décor. For example, create a custom-built unit with doors that hide a mini-fridge beside same-color cabinets. Another design technique is to blend a small refrigerator with décor like a cupboard or wall that has the same color. You can also arrange the refrigerator with other appliances to prevent cluttered floor space and maintain a minimalist kitchen. A different approach is to contrast the fridge with the surrounding décor. Pair a full-size fridge-freezer with small décors like furniture including cabinets, tables, and chairs. You could also use bright-color fridges like red, yellow, and lime to make the appliance a focal point that contrasts with neutral-color cabinets.
Designing small kitchens with appliances like refrigerators is possible by taking the right steps. This includes factors like the fridge’s size, impact, and décor-pairing.