In the modern era of technology and gaming, billions of people play online games. The difference between online and offline gaming is that you’re connected to different servers that enable you to play with other people. As fun as this is, it does bring more security risks to the table.

No matter which device you’re using, whether it’s a smartphone or PlayStation 5, you need to nullify these security risks so that you can remain safe whilst you’re online – simple.

You don’t need to read a big bulky guide about online gaming security to become an expert. Instead, all you need are the handful of tips and tricks below to keep you nice and safe.

Be Careful with Online Payments and Deposits

These days, thousands of online games involve real money. For example, an online casino in the US will allow you to play games like online roulette, video poker, blackjack, and tons of other classic casino favorites – but you usually have to wager money to do this.

Additionally, lots of other online games come with in-game purchases (also known as DLC). If you play a first-person shooter game, then DLC would include things like extra weapons and bonus maps.

Knowing all of this, it’s important that you’re extra careful with your online payments and deposits. Only use a banking method that you’re comfortable with, and don’t feel pressured to use anything else. Your preferred method might be a plain old debit card or something more modern like PayPal.

Go with what you know best, and always check the reviews of the sites you’re paying through to ensure none of them are scam sites. Only play pay-for and casino games through platforms you know are legit!

Don’t Make Your Real Name Public Online

All online games require you to have an online account with a name chosen by you. For maximum security, you should avoid using your real name or any personal details that could lead back to you. If you were to get into an argument or dispute with another player online, then there’s a chance they’d be able to track your location just by viewing the personal details on your profile, so make sure to remember this!

Report Harassment

Sadly, harassment is a problem in online gaming, especially across competitive gaming franchises like Call of Duty. If you ever encounter harassment (such as someone sending you an abusive message), then you should report it and block the user for your safety.

On many platforms, such as the PlayStation network, you can change your account settings so that only friends can message you and invite you to chat parties. This is an excellent way to prevent abusive messages from coming through!

You can also report users in some cases, so check if your console or chosen game has a report feature that allows you to do this.

Avoid Public WIFI

This tip is for smartphone and PC gamers. If you’re ever out in public, don’t play online games on public WIFI – even if you’re absolutely desperate for some in-game action.

Public WIFI isn’t encrypted, meaning hackers and snoopers can easily see your online activity. Instead, either stick to your mobile network internet or simply wait until you get home before you play.

Run Software Updates

Whichever gaming platforms you use, make sure to run regular software updates. When you do this, you’ll get access to all the latest security updates and patches that will help you to stay safe online. It’s a no-brainer.