Rose O’Donnell

Image: Celebuzz

After suffering from a mild heart attack, Rosie O’Donnell realized she had to make some changes in her life. Thankfully, a change in her diet paired with gastric sleeve surgery completely turned her life around, resulting in a 70-pound weight loss. We have to say…looking good Rosie!

Jordin Sparks

Image: Hollywood Life 

Jordin Sparks endured tons of criticism about her weight during her time on American Idol, but since then has taken her health seriously, slimming down into a stunning young woman. Of course, she is beautiful regardless of her weight, but we give her major kudos for making health a top priority.


Image: Daily Mail

Raven-Symone has struggled with her weight for years and has gone up and down on the scale since she was a child. Recently, she changed up her eating habits and let’s just say she is completely unrecognizable. Way to go, Raven!

Kirstie Alley

Image: Us Weekly

Kirstie Alley’s struggle with her weight has been anything but private. The media turned on the Emmy-winning actress viciously and the only thing she could do was laugh with them. Kirstie Alley starred in Showtime’s Fat Actress which detailed her struggles with weight loss and would go on to be the spokesperson for Jenny Crag not once, but twice.

Today, she has managed to keep the weight off and we are stunned by her success.

The Protein Bar That’s Got Hollywood Talking

Image: Neoh

Losing weight can be a difficult endeavor, especially when you’re trying to give up certain foods and cravings. However, what if we told you that indulging without guilt was possible?

Say hello to NEOH!

Created by Manuel in Vienna, Australia, over the course of five years,  this one-of-a-kind bar takes the delicious flavor of a candy bar and combines it with the healthy nutrients of a protein bar. With only 1 gram of sugar and 8 grams of protein, it’s the perfect snack for refueling after a grueling gym session.

Try one today!

Melissa McCarthy

Image: Just Jared

Known for her roles on Gilmore Girls and Mike & Molly, Melissa McCarthy has always been plus-sized. However, lately, she has been photographed looking much slimmer. What’s her secret? Moving more and eating less! It’s just that simple. Who knew?

Perez Hilton

Image: Perez Hilton

Celebrity blogger, Perez Hilton has always been on the chunkier, awkward side, but in 2013 he made the decision to get healthy and shed the weight. We have to admit he’s looking good these days, although his attitude is still pretty much unbearable.

John Goodman

Image: Bossip

Who doesn’t love Dan Conner? John Goodman has always been on the heavier side, but in the past year has revealed a much slimmer physique. Looking good, John! Don’t let age define your health.

Oprah Winfrey

Image: Psychic Monday

Oprah Winfrey has struggled with her weight in the public eye for years but now seems to finally be turning things around. Thanks to buying a large share in Weight Watchers, Oprah has lost around 35 pounds and has assisted with modifying the program to be more food-friendly. Count those points, girl!

Chris Pratt

Image: Viraltide

Chris Pratt has become a bonafide Hollywood hunk in the past few years coming along way from his pudgy sitcom days. Now, he’s running from dinosaurs and saving the galaxy with his rock hard abs. We have to admit, we are not complaining!

The Best of Both Worlds

Image: Neoh

If the stars can make losing weight look easy, so can you and you don’t have to succumb to eating bowls of broccoli all day either!

With Neoh, you don’t have to sacrifice flavor for nutrition. Using ingredients like Xylitol for sweetening and protein sources from five sources (whey, soy, pea, collagen, cocoa), this bar is a decadent, chocolate-flavored treat at only 90 calories!

Ready to take your weight loss to the next level, click here!

Alec Baldwin

Image: Magnate Top

Alec Baldwin has put on some serious weight since his SNL days, but lately, he’s been showing off a much slimmer build. After finally taking time to focus on his health, Baldwin is now looking better than ever. Can you believe he just turned 60?

Christina Aguilera

Image: Magnate Top

If there’s one celebrity who understands the struggle of weight gain it’s Christina Aguilera. While she maintained her fit physique while she was performing, having children and serving as a judge on The Voice took its toll. However, it seems like the original Christina is back and better ever with her newfound weight loss (she must be chowing down on Neoh bars between takes).

Drew Carey

Image: Magnate Top

Drew Carey is one of the funniest comedians around and is best known for his sitcom The Drew Carey Show and hosting Whose Line Is It Anyway? Struggling with his weight for most of his career, Carey went through a dramatic weight loss transformation 2016. When asked what his secret was, Carey responded he cut out all junk food and sugar.

We admire his dedication and willpower.

Seth Rogan

Image: Magnate Top

Seth Rogan has made a career from being the “fat and funny” guy, but recently he decided to make a change and slim down. The results are out of this world. He’s turned into a legit stud. Let’s hope that isn’t a donut in the Starbucks bag. Although, a cheat day is perfectly fine every so often.

Indulge & Still Lose Weight

Image: Instagram

Speaking of cheat days, if you’re looking to indulge every single day, you need to try a Neoh Crossbar. It really does taste like a candy bar, but without the guilt! It’s also low on the glycemic index, making it a great snack for diabetics. Packed with flavor, antioxidants and only 90 calories with 1 gram of sugar, this is the perfect snack for those looking to lose weight.

Janet Jackson

Image: Magnate Top

Jacket Jackson will always be a diva in our eyes, but that doesn’t mean she hasn’t had a few weight fluctuations over the years. Recently, she’s debuted a much slimmer figure to the public and we are head over heels in love. Work it, girl!

Jennifer Hudson

Image: Magnate Top

Jennifer Hudson launched to stardom during her time on American Idol and while she struggled with a fuller figure, she never let that keep her down. However, she partnered with Weight Watchers long before Oprah became involved and let’s just say the results are mind-blowing. It’s crazy this is the same person!

Kelly Osbourne

Image: Magnate Top

Kelly Osbourne has struggled with her weight and image in front of the cameras for years. Thankfully, she never let it kill her self-esteem and now she looks incredible. Ditching the goth for Hollywood chic, Kelly is now a fashion-forward starlet.

Queen Latifah

Image: Magnate Top

We have to admit Queen Latifah is looking damn good these days. While she’s always been one of the “thicker girls,” she has recently slimmed down and we are blown away by the results. All hail, the queen!