Although it’s April and Spring hasn’t quite sprung, that hasn’t stopped homeowners from thinking about sprucing up their garden. These six DIY garden projects can be accomplished while you wait for it to warm up.

Succulent Letter Frame

This great-looking project from House & Fig features one of the most popular interior decorating accessories (the block letter) and one of the trendiest plants (the succulent). The first thing you need for this project is a letter frame. Several stores sell letter frames, or you could make one yourself. The next step is to fill the frame with moss. Next up, pick out your succulents. These plants are surging in popularity right now because they are easy to take care of. Carefully plant the succulents in a pleasing pattern and you’ll have an eye-catching accessory for your garden or porch.

Plastic Bottle Greenhouse

Plant lovers rejoice – here’s an easy DIY greenhouse project that is also environmentally friendly. Rather than taking our bottles to the recycler, save them up for this project. Remove all labels and then wash them out. Remove the bottle tops, then cut across the bottoms. Make a wood frame in any shape you want, from traditional square to fanciful shapes. Stack the bottles on top of each other using a garden cane, and then secure them to the frame or into the ground. All that’s left is to plant your veggies for the summer.

Tree Stump Planter

Did you lose a tree over the long winter? Have an old stump lying around? Why not convert the dead stump into a living planter? All you need is a chisel or hammer to hollow out the middle. Then you can create your own colorful, natural planter.

River Rock Garden Markers

The bigger the garden, the more confusing it can be to differentiate your plants. This is important, since various plants need different care. You can buy river rocks, or just head down to your local waterway and pickup smooth, flat stones. Wash the rocks and then lay them out. Draw a photo of the kind of plant you want each rock to represent – potato, carrot, eggplant, tomato, etc. Use two or three coats of paint, then add a finishing spray. This will be a colorful way to mark the garden.

Golf Ball Ladybugs

If you golf-loving family has plenty of old golf balls laying around, they make fun garden decorations. Simply wash them off cleanly, then spray paint them any way you want. You can make them abstract balls of color, or turn them into animals or insects. This blogger made golf balls into cute ladybugs.

Clay Pot Mushrooms

Pretend you are Alice in Wonderland with clay pot mushrooms – the kind you paint, not the kind you eat! Birds and Blooms came up with this ingenious DIY project. All you need is two or three clay terra cotta pots, plus an equal number of drain plates. Paint the pots white, and then add any fun colors to the drain plates. Finish the project with a coat of waterproof sealer. Assemble the mushrooms by centering a drain plate with the painted side up, on top of each pot.