If you want to add a nice accent to your living room without spending too much money, buy a pouf. In this article, you will find valuable recommendations on how to choose and where to place this piece of furniture.

One of the coziest pieces of furniture that you can buy for your living room is the pouf. Sometimes, you would see in shops sets of furniture that include a sofa, a couple of armchairs and a pouf. But sets are not the hottest design trend today. Your living room will have much more character if you purchase all the objects separately and make sure that they nicely complement each other. In this article, we will explain how to choose a poof and fit it in a living room.

What Is a Pouf

A pouf is a large cushion that you place right on the floor. It can be just as high as a chair or coffee table or a bit lower than them. The softer the poof, the easier it loses its initial shape. If you opt for a model that resembles a bean bag, you can add filler inside it in a few years. Or, even better, you might ask the manufacturer to help you. You will not need to do it if your pouf has a frame inside.

A Pouf Is Not Synonymous with the Ottoman

The latter is normally elongated, at least two people can sit on it simultaneously. It would be tricky to share a pouf with someone else unless you are both preschool children.

An ottoman can double as a coffee table. You might try to put something on a pouf — but it should not be a teacup or anything fragile because it can easily slide to the flour.

Because of the large size and a typically rectangular shape of an ottoman, you might want to find a permanent place for it. Poufs are more versatile and you can move them around the room.

How to Choose the Pouf

This piece of furniture is ideal for large living rooms. It will nicely fill in the empty space so that the room does not seem too cold or uninhabited. It can tie the room and design together — provided that you select the right shape, size and color. But you can purchase it for a compact room too if it is not too cluttered.

Most often, the pouf becomes a bright accent for the living room. It does not need to be of the same color as the sofa, the walls or the carpet. If you want a state-of-the-art item that will immediately attract people’s attention, you should look for it in shops that sell designer furniture, such as Room Service 360.

Where Should You Put the Pouf

Here are just a few ideas of where you can place this nice accessory.

  • Close to the sofa or armchair, so that you can use it is a footrest.
  • By the fireplace, where you can relax on it.
  • Near the coffee table, so that you can sit on it while enjoying a small talk.
  • Somewhere far away from the coffee table — you will be able to put a book on it when you cannot reach the table.
  • Close to a glass cabinet or a bookshelf.
  • Against the TV — and put a throw nearby, just in case.
  • Under a palm tree or another tall plant that grows in a pot that stands on the floor. This will create a nice composition and will become the main Instagram point of the room.

Actually, the pouf can fit nearly anywhere — except for the places where people would stumble over it.

You can use it to zone out the premise. For instance, you can place it so that it marks the border of the central part of the room. When guests come to see you, they will concentrate around the table. Everyone will join the conversation and you will be able to hear each guest well.

Alternatively, you can place the pouf in a spot where you will be most likely to throw things on it. For instance, you come back home and you take some papers out of your bag. You throw them on the pouf on your way to the bathroom, wash your hands and come back to collect the papers.

Pets Adore Poufs

If you have a cat or a small dog, they might decide that you bought this piece of furniture especially for them. The cat might have a nap on this new decor item — and then sharpen its claws against it. In this case, you might want to buy a textile pouf. If there are no pets in your house, you might consider suede, faux leather or genuine leather as well.

Kids Love Poufs Too

Children like it when they have something special just for themselves. They will be over the moon if they will be able to sit on a cozy and funny pouf while the grown-ups are sitting on the “boring” sofa. Mind that kids will sooner or later spill a drink on this furniture or drop a piece of cake on it. So maybe it would be reasonable to opt for “child-proof” faux leather that does not absorb dirt and is easy to clean.

You Will Get Extra Storage Space

Some poufs that have a hard frame inside open like chests. Others have one or several drawers. You can store miscellaneous belongings inside, such as slippers or pet toys. Avoid putting such objects there that should be kept away from kids’ and animals’ reach. Hardly any pouf has a lock and it does not take much effort to open it.


Hopefully, this article was inspirational enough and now you know how to fit a pouf into your living room. Such pieces of furniture have two big merits: they are sold at an affordable price and you can put them on any premise. So when you want to change something about your living room, you just take the old pouf to another part of the house and purchase a new one. Thanks to this small detail, the interior of your living room can change considerably with minimum investment.