Graffiti is generally considered pretty taboo in the art world and in society. Graffiti can make a once beautiful neighborhood look trashy and scary, however, some graffiti artists are so innovative, we can’t help but love their work! See what you think…

Finish Him!

Mortal Combat, anyone?


I don’t know that we’d consider this graffiti, but it might be. Can you repeat the question?

Turned On

What turns you on? This artist is turned on by switches. Is this a metaphor?

Keep Out

This tree looked kind of creepy already, but with the red eyes added by a rogue artist, we are staying out of these woods!

One Man’s Dirty Truck

Is another man’s gigantic canvas! (This one is seriously amazing!)

The Higher the Hair the Closer to Heaven

So thanks to this artist, Marge should be safe!

Do you live under a rock?

Because Patrick does, and he is sick of being forgotten about.

Happy Little Alien

This creative artist wanted to cheer up the place. There is no easier way to do this then to add a happy smile.


Help! I’m a rusty old pipe and I’m being beaten!! We have to give props to the artist for this one. It’s pretty funny!

Dead fish…

…or cat distractor? Either way, it’s funny and clever!

We don’t even want to know!

Harry Potter joke? Bathroom humor? We don’t know… but it’s causing very unpleasant images in our minds! Ew…


We knew Benjamin Franklin invented a ton of cool stuff, but did you know that he also invented the “selfie?” Us neither!

Shadow Stitch

This individual certainly has an eye for art if they were creative enough to turn a shadow into Stitch. How cute!

Drawing Inspiration

This one isn’t that creative – plenty of artists draw out their plans with a pencil before they lay on the paint.


We don’t get this one, but it’s funny to say in an Arnold Schwarzenegger accent!

It’s a Me…

…Mario’s faithful guide, and sometimes obnoxious burden, Toad! Hey buddy! Which way should we go?

You had ONE Job!

Your one-stop shop!

For WHAT??

This graffiti artist (I’m using the word “artist” very loosely here) is just searching for the next Darwin Award winner. We are no doctors, but seriously, we do not advise you stick a gas nozzle up there. It sounds like a bad idea, but your mileage may vary.

That landing is going to hurt!

We don’t think there is supposed to be a message here. It is just a hilarious, creative doodle, and an excellent use of a broken vent.

It’s Always Australia

We knew everything in Australia could kill you, but we sure didn’t know that this scary thing lived there! I’d stay away from this one.


This one is pretty funny. We know what happened the last time somebody ate a forbidden apple cough Eve cough. (But where are the apples??)


Aw, no need to take caution of this guy! He just wants to play some reindeer games!


No need to fear! Batman is always watching over this city.

Strong Man

We are happy to see this mustachioed man achieving his dreams. We just wish he were wearing a longer dress.

Domo Arigato

We didn’t even recognize the electrical unit because we thought this was an actual robot! This one is cute.

Behind Bars

This zebra graffiti is grate!

Not that creative

If you don’t have a political agenda or a cute robot idea, you can always just make a cheesy pun by vandalizing a record. (Don’t really do this!)

A little Novocain, please?

We aren’t sure what this sign was originally trying to say, but now it appears to be telling us to stay away from this prehistoric dentist. Ouch!

Mad Minion

This little guy was just skipped over for Employee of the Month again!

A little dirt never hurt

Filthy car or perfect canvas? Who are we to decide?


This one is pretty funny. This rendition of Edward Munch’s painting The Scream gave us a good laugh!

Get Those Rings!

As a huge fan of Sonic the Hedgehog, I have to give this one a huge thumbs up! Go Sonic! Go Tails!

Bathroom Humor

Much like the bathroom it’s in, this “art” stinks!

Har Har

This one is so cheesy, but it did get a laugh out of us.

Fixer Upper

This artist made a very cool graffiti piece out of this hidden junky van. We love it!

Low Self-Esteem

High-flow toilets, low self-esteem sinks.

Who said that?

Oh – just a weird vent that looks peculiarly like Darth Vader.

Hint, HINT!

A pothole should not be old enough to say the alphabet. Shame! This is a great statement piece.

The best philosophy around

No more than 60 miles per hour and no more worries. Hakuna Matata!

Green Light

The only street in the world where everybody is driving 40 miles per hour under the speed limit.

Good Point

I, for one, would support both of these causes.


Do you ever feel like you’re being watched? Because I think this tree is creeping on people.

Sumo Solution

Why fix it when you can turn it into art? We love this cool painting of a Sumo Wrestler who appears to be very strong!

DJ Sewer

Did the Ninja Turtles get a side hustle?

‘Tis But a Flesh Wound

That crack looks pretty bad… Are we sure those Band-Aids are going to hold?

Mythical Creature

We have never seen an animal like this before. Is it a deer? Reindeer? Fairy? Quite the mystery.

Does Not Stop

This might not exactly be a work of art, but it sure is funny!


Somebody just went through a bad breakup. Yikes!

Look Out!

You don’t want to kill a giant bird or your car, so take heed!


No better place to take a nap than on Snoopy’s doghouse!

King of the Korner

This clever street artist created King Kong on the banged up corner of this building. We like it better this way!

Going Home

Run little cow, run! Uh oh. The aliens beamed him up. I hope they’re vegetarians!

Ramp it up

Is this statue a statue of the man in the background? The similarities are uncanny!

Depressing Meme

A sad truth! Thanks for the reminder.

Abra CATabra

For when your baby is really cranky, and you’d prefer a litter box trained cat instead.

Who You Gonna Call

It’s the off-brand Ghosts Busters!

Fancy Faucet

Some clever artist created a beautiful rainbow to spruce up this dark, old faucet. We love it!

Poor Bills

Uh… they might want to change out one of those bottom bills. That’s bad billing right there!

Baby Shark

This little Hammerhead shark is adorable. We’d let him hold our purse.

Well, it’s not wrong.

Cool joke, Dad.

HA! A classic.

“Run, Forest!” This one is pretty good.

Very Clever!

This one is hilarious and creative! 10/10!

That One Friend

Even mailboxes have that one friend that can’t hold their booze. Keep it together, man!


Well how could we take that sweet baby seal away! This one might not technically be art, but it is adorable!

Rainbow Bright

This artist added a splash of color to this boring pipe and hopefully a splash of color to the passersby.


This cute little silhouette adds some cheeriness to these already cheery, red berries.

A Bold Statement

This might just be more bathroom scribbles, but he isn’t wrong. Sorry, Dunkin’!

Place WHAT Here??

We all know babies can be annoying, but this might be a little extreme!

Game of Thrones

Ugly, burned up building or beautiful dragon painting? Por que no los dos?

Gnome Sweet Gnome

Can Snow White come out and play?

Secret’s Out

Better ask for bigger craft service carts on those movie sets!


I guess these bathroom pictures are open to interpretation. I like the potato one the best.

Summer Time Treat

It’s nice to see a touch of color on this dull gray wall, but it is making us very hungry for ice cream in this hot weather!

Follow that star!

Let’s hope that these wise men know where they’re going – and that they didn’t forget the presents!


We fell for it. Busted!

Equal Bathroom Rights

X-Men have to use the bathroom too! We are glad to see this restaurant accommodating them.

On a Bender

A Futurama fan turned this boring parking lot into homage to our favorite robot, Bender! We love it.

Well… Why Not?

Probably because plants don’t grow to well in concrete.


These elves look like they’re on something. They’re definitely seeing some stuff.


Storm drain, storm trooper? This clever artist sees Star Wars wherever they go, and now you will too!

Hold Your Applause

Aww, this is nice. Bubbles don’t get enough credit for their hard work. You go, bubbles!

Paranormal Post Box

Let’s hope this creepy little ghost doesn’t go postal!


Help! Is there a lifeguard emoji around here?.. and a doctor?

Call the Cops

This bandit is hiding in plain sight, and he looks pretty confident that he won’t get caught.

Grin and Bear it

We love this piece this artist did of the Cheshire Cat grinning away on the shadow tree’s branches. Cute and creepy!

Look around you, there is art everywhere! Keep your eyes peeled for graffiti art and antics.