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    9 Looney Tunes Characters ReImagined As Skeletons

    Looney Tunes is one of the best cartoon shows and was made by Warner Bros. from 1930 to 1969 during the golden age of American animation. Recently South Korean artist, Hyungkoo Lee, has sculptured a collection of nine Looney Tunes characters reimagined as skeletons. Featuring some of the most century’s iconic Looney Tunes characters like Donald Duck and his nephews

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    33 Creative Science Museum Ads

    Going to the science museum can be a fun experience for both kids and adults. It’s amazing how much you can learn in one day! To get more people going to the science museum, Science World, created an awesome set of creative science museum ads. These science museum advertisements showcase various science facts on the

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    20 of History's Weirdest Inventions

    When it comes to inventions, History had quite a few failures. When we think of inventions, many of us think of the Light Bulb, the Parachute and we usually can name inventors like including Leonardo da Vinci, Thomas Jefferson and Albert Einstein. In today's article we've focused on History's Weirdest Inventions which failed to make the