The wedding industry has undoubtedly been shaken up over the past couple of years — 23% of couples initially planning to get married in 2020/21 had to push back their date to 2022, while 44% opted to go ahead with smaller, micro-weddings on their originally-booked dates, a survey by WeddingWire recently found. If your wedding is finally coming up, planning your bridal outfit involves choosing the right mix of the perfect accessories. Floral jewelry, polti bags and cuff bracelets, in particular, can help you make a statement with your wedding look.

Floral Jewelry Creating a Wow Factor

Whether made of artificial or fresh flowers, floral jewelry is a beautiful and elegant accessory that suits all styles of bridal fashion. Most commonly, bridal floral jewelry takes the form of earrings, necklaces, passas, maang tikkas, bracelets, tiaras and anklets. While roses, carnations, orchids and jasmine flowers are classic choices for floral jewelry, brides are starting to experiment with bright and bold tropical flowers — and even include other beautiful natural pieces like cowry shells. Fresh flower accessories are not only restricted to the bride, of course. Corsages, for example, are traditionally worn by the female family members of the bride and groom. Ideally, corsages should match the overall wedding theme to avoid unwanted clashing (although guests are free to choose their own corsages depending on their tastes).

Do Not Forget About Polti bags

Polti bags are a timeless bridal accessory, which have now been updated with innovative stylish designs and embroideries. For example, Deepa and Pranati Mansukhani (a mother-daughter design team) recently launched the Pink Polti: a collection of beautiful handcrafted polti bags. The precious petals gold bag, in particular, features a stunning collection of gold water lilies embroidered with zardozi, beads, cut daana, and gota. Alternately, Rani Gifts have a gorgeous designer line of polti bags embellished with latkans and mirror-work.

Embrace Cuff Bracelets

Hand jewelry plays a key role in every bride’s outfit, and cuff bracelets are a particularly stylish statement piece. Cuff bracelets can be minimalist in design, which suits brides looking for chic and simple jewelry to wear on their big day. Opting for a cuff bracelet featuring opulent stones like diamonds will still ensure a glamorous yet understated touch. A cuff bracelet is also the type of accessory that can help complement the wedding ring. Whether you and your love have chosen something demure or the sparkliest wedding ring, the right bracelet can make it pop and create an even bigger wow factor. Some brides fall into the trap of thinking that pairing a bracelet with a ring might be too much, but rest assured, when done right, it will be the talk of the wedding, admired by all.
If chosen correctly, wedding accessories can provide the perfect finishing touches to your bridal outfit. Floral jewelry, polti bags and cuff bracelets are some of the most innovative bridal accessory trends to complement your wedding dress.