Working in an office can get pretty boring. You get set in a routine, where you do the same things every day. The people on this list decided to use some creativity to make the work place a little more fun. The pranks on this list will make you want to start your own prank war with your coworkers. Let the fun, begin!

The Cricket Had a Good Run

Punishment for Stealing..

Old Ketchup Smell

Well, Sometimes the Truth Hurts

You’ve Got to be Quicker than that!

Obviously, This Food Thief has No Shame in their Game


Real-Life Windows XP

There IS an “I” in Team!

Check Your Seat Before you Sit

The Classic Change-Up/Mix-Up

Who Did it Better?

Quite the Sore Loser

When Irony Meets “Sacarsm”

The Bob Marley Printer

The Ultimate Card Scanner Upgrade

The Office Doggie Door

Bad Advertising

Well, That’s a Let Down..

One Way to Keep Food Thieves Away

This Office is Low On Money

The Chart to Solving Life’s Problems

Only Two Types of Fish Allowed

All-Natural Computer Virus Protection

Target Practice

This is just a Sick Joke..

What are you Looking At?

A Jump N’ Plunge

Party Hard Fred!

Well… They Asked..

Shark Jar

R.I.P Microwave “Mikey Davis” Emerson..

We’re Watching You..

Just Following Directions

Quite the Xerox Scare

Ball Pit for the Boss

DIY Standing Desk

They Touched the Mug..

The Water Heater’s got a Leak


Well, Like they Say… There’s a Cake for Every Occasion

Demoted to a Dinosaur “Laptop”

“Howdy Neighbor”

It may Smell Good, but it Doesn’t Taste Good

Take Your Jokes Outside

The Wall of Shame

The Office Philosopher

Holding the Pen Hostage

We Miss You..

Congratulations Traitor..

Copy Cat

The Box of Shame

Good Luck Ben…

Stealing has Consequences…

Sick Burn Tracker

Underwear Drawer

The Elevator Clerk

Slip “N” Slide In Suits

Don’t Follow These Directions..

Everyone Helps the Good Looking Employee

Stem in a Box

Home Sweet Office?

Dinosaur Communication Device

When you See it…

Let Science Motivate you

Passive-Aggressive Post-Its

There’s Also a Cookie Cake for Every Occasion..

DIY Office Archery