Here we roll again into another promising year for web development: 2013.Think about it, wouldn’t it be great to work with digitally enhanced applications and faster technologies? I am all geared up and ready to zoom into the millennium’s most thrilling times for web development.

It’s time to re-design, re-build and to re-enter the market. Here are my 3 new predictions as a web developer:

Reactive Design

2013 will be a user-centric time for web development. Users all over the world will access data on desktops, iPhones, iPads, Androids from their offices, gyms, clubs, restaurants and even homes. Web developers will use responsive designs which are easily adaptable on various devices. To catch the attention and interest of the users, designs must be easy to scroll, have appropriate color schemes, and should work with all browsers. Highly navigable and interactive designs is what I intend to present my viewers.

I would definitely want to see my websites running on various platforms while engaging audiences far and wide. Another one of my important concerns would be the servers. Designs which are easily transferable and which can perform on various servers will be a huge hit. Stretching my creativity I will be using Ajax to build highly responsive designs. For instance, companies like Microsoft and Disney are rolling out improved Responsive Designs as they want to fully tap its potential.

Cloud Computing

For innovative web developers cloud computing will be a must have technology. Developers will get to work with integrated systems for producing advanced web applications. Google and Amazon the leading cloud service providers will automate their templates to start applications in the cloud. Cloud computing will be more secure and simple in usage.

The buzzword for developers will of course be the private Cloud. Businesses will be busy updating to Private Cloud settings. Private Cloud will offer automated and customized solutions to web developers. All this will make it possible to develop websites and web applications that are highly scalable, faster and have fewer deployment issues.

User Security

Coming to the last yet a crucial area of web development in 2013: Online Security of the users. Imagine you share your information on various sites by creating accounts on each from social media to banking sites. No matter how hard you try, you are never safe in an online environment.

This problem is compounded if you sign up on multiple sites using FaceBook Login only. This helps save time and the hassle of remembering multiple user ids and passwords. On the other hand, if your FaceBook id and password gets misused, it would create a great security threat. Therefore, as web developers we need to keep devising smarter and better tools of online security.

To Conclude…

The year ahead holds endless opportunities for web development to flourish. As web developers, we have newer challenges to face. It’s the time to evolve and to think out of the box for web developers. Hope the new year brings more ground breaking changes for markets and web developers alike.