Indian food is internationally famous for its lip-smacking taste. When you use the right mix of spices, it transforms any bland Indian dish into something delicious.

Online stores like India Bazaar have a variety of Indian spices that can be delivered right to your doorstep. Indian spices are key ingredients that make Indian food delectable. But what are the Indian spices you must have in your pantry?

Here is a list of such spices below:


Chili is one of the most popular Indian spices that you can use to add warmth to any dish. You get various chili powders of different colors, forms, and levels of spiciness suited to your cooking requirements.


You can use two types of cardamom – black and green. Black cardamom has a smoky and robust flavor. Add it in the right amount, so it does not overpower the flavor of other ingredients and ruin the taste of your food item.

Contrarily, green cardamom is sweet and subtle in taste, and you can use it to prepare lassi and even spicy food.


People in western countries tend to use cloves at Christmas time. But Indians use cloves regularly in their dishes. You can use them individually as a whole, as powder, or as an ingredient of a mixture.


If you shop for spices from online platforms like India bazaar, you can easily find coriander seeds for your recipe. They are one of the oldest spices and have citrus tones with a distinct aroma.

Ground coriander is a significant ingredient in garam masala, which Indians use a lot in cooking.


When it comes to aroma, cumin is worth mentioning as a spice. It is available as seeds or ground powder (mostly toasted). To get a rich taste, add fresh ground cumin. Be careful when roasting cumin, as it burns quickly.

Mustard Seeds

Mustard seeds are pretty common in Indian cooking, mainly in North Indian cuisines. They are available in three colors – brown, black and yellow.

You can use all three colors interchangeably in Indian food. Crush or keep them full/roasted in oil to get a nutty and smoky taste.


To give an earthy touch and peppery taste to your Indian dishes, use fresh ginger. Add it together with garlic to allow the release of natural oils from the root while cooking.


Turmeric, a bright yellow-colored spice, is not only known for its taste but also health benefits. It can be used in various recipes, even a latte. If you want to add a rich color and spicy taste to your food, use turmeric.


Asafoetida is a powdered and dried tree resin that was one of the first ingredients added to oil or ghee when cooking most Indian dishes.

The pungent aroma of asafoetida transforms into a musky smell when it is cooked. With this spice, you can add the umami taste to beans, lentils, or even vegetarian curries.

Remember, asafoetida usually contains wheat flour. You can, however, buy gluten-free versions online from places like India bazaar if you don’t wish to consume wheat flour.


Cumin is essential in many Indian dishes. It adds warm and nutty flavors. Add whole cumin seeds or ground/roasted cumin when cooking to add an earthy touch to your curries and soups.

A pinch of ground cumin added to plain yogurt works well for flavor and nutrient enhancement as well.

Cassia Bark

Cassia bark is similar to cinnamon, but it is preferred because its flavor is milder, and it can be used in greater amounts. It adds an earthy touch to curries and meat and is also a great ingredient for a spice mixture.


Saffron is one of the most treasured Indian spices in the world. It is the stigma of crocus flowers that must be picked by hand.

As saffron has a honey-like sweet flavor, use this spice to balance the rich, spicy Indian food items.


Fenugreek may not be very popular as a source ingredient, but it is known for its unique flavor. This spice gives your “curry” an aroma and taste that people often relate to Indian cooking.

Like many cooks, you can use fenugreek leaves in Indian dishes like butter chicken, etc. Though they are dry, you can crush and infuse them into the sauce.


If you love Indian food, it is important to have some or all of these spices in your kitchen, so you can whip up your favorite Indian meal whenever you feel like it. You can also use these spices in other cuisines to create your own fusion meal at home.

Thanks to online stores like India bazaar, you can now order Indian spices from the comfort of your home.