Every professional in the wedding business sphere knows that each time planning an unforgettable romantic event starts with preparing a stunning graphic presentation for the loving couple.

The main concept, dress types, decoration design, photography ideas – all this information needs to be performed visually for the clients. And that’s not to mention the main romantic video presentation about the couple for the guests on the day X. That is when professional PowerPoint templates from MasterBundles help out a lot.

How to Create a PPT Wedding Presentation?

Now you can breathe a sigh of relief as a wedding coordinator because there’s no need to pick up every slide, every font, and picture yourself. Lots of variants of the whole presentation stylistics are already gathered in thematic professional PPT templates.


You only need to choose a suitable style and download a template. Then you will change texts and names and add or replace some photos if needed. After all, the time you save on a presentation’s stylization from scratch is priceless!

What Should a Wedding Presentation Contain?

High-quality photos of the couple are needed. Thus, you can produce, for example, a beautiful love story presentation of how the two people have met and built their relationship. So, start collecting the photos from the very beginning:


– show how the couple looked like in childhood. It would be great if it’s possible to find similar photos to show that these two have been soulmates from the start!


– never forget about the closest family members because these are the people who influenced the lives of the couple the most. And family ties are gold.


– mention the photos from the memorable life moments of the couple. What are the steps they’ve made to meet each other and what life-changing moments before meeting each other?


To present a wedding concept you can add photos of inspiring decorations which match the couple’s style or characters. The wedding dress ideas presentation for the bride-to-be will take several slides including the groom’s, bridesmaids’, and groomsmen’s outfits.


Then you can introduce a wedding plan including the ceremony. If there is some video content to illustrate your ideas, it will look great and will make your presentation livelier.

How to Work with Effects in Wedding Presentations?

You can always go easy or go hard using one of the wedding PPT templates by either not changing much but a color or remaking every slide for your clients. And there are several moments we recommend you pay attention to:


– apply transitions between the slides of the presentation. It’s needed when the slides are divided into sections (for example, you show the childhood years of the two loving hearts, and then show their adulthood in a love story presentation; or when you show the wedding dress options to the client and then show the menu variants for the wedding dinner).


Beware of using too many transitions because people need to focus on the meaning and the message of the presentation and not on the effects.


– edit background color. Sometimes changing the background in a ready-made wedding template gives the missing desired effect. We always recommend experimenting with template color options.


– define the perfect speed of your presentation. You can control how much time each of the slides is displayed. And this time may vary from slide to slide if needed.


To work with timing, select a slide and go to the “Transitions” section. To define the time of delay between the slides, put a check next to “After” and insert the amount of time.

TOP 5 Wedding Templates for an Exquisite PPT Presentation

Rustic Style Wedding PPT Template

When it comes to wedding styling and decoration rustic designs always occupy the top positions. Why? It’s more and more often that a classic style seems boring and too pompous, so people want to turn to nature itself.


In this template you have 50 rustic ready-designed slides where luxury and pretentiousness are completely absent – what is created by nature is already perfect. Here you are going to work with fully-editable templates in modern restrained eclecticism and 4 color schemes in delicate shades to choose from.


A lot of space in this template is reserved for high-quality photos. So, if you have plenty of images to share, this PPT template suits you the best.


Provencal Style Wedding Date Presentation

This PPT template is highly recommended if you need to perform a lavender / lilac wedding or a wedding in provencal style. This style does not tolerate excessive pretentiousness and turmoil. Simplicity, restraint and tranquility are valued in his design.


One of the four color schemes here has beautiful lilac / lavender shades, so most of the work on the presentation decoration has already been done.


The best idea to choose this template is for those who want to focus on comfort and convenience of the wedding.


Simply Elegant Wedding Presentation Template

Conciseness and simple elegance are the main features of a modern wedding. And if you strongly want to avoid curlicue monograms and vintage floral graphics in your presentation, this template is what you’ve been searching for!


Stylish minimal slides’ designs will effectively emphasize the photos and images you’ll insert there. You’ll have 50 variants of fully editable slides to choose from, so any type of wedding content is going to find a proper placement.


You can experiment with colors using 4 color variants provided in this template. Neutral lilac shades are recommended as a basic option.


Autumn Wedding PPT Presentation

This template perfectly suits for planning a warm autumn wedding because its shades and design remind of this rich in colors and harvest time of the year. Here are some bright autumn leaves on several slides which you can use at the start and at the end of the presentation.


The slides’ design is much closer to rustical with its simple elegance. All the 50 slides in the presentation can be edited in a couple of clicks, so there’s still a large field for creativity.


The main color scheme is very warm and passionate which may perfectly emphasize the characters of the newlyweds. To pick up something different just switch to another color palette of which there are four in the template.


PPT Template for Wedding Invitations

And one more great rustical PPT template with an option to create wedding invitations for the guests. Made by uniting rough texture backgrounds, natural muted shades and modern fonts, these slides have a huge potential.


To choose the most suitable variant is to download the template and try to fill it with your content. In the range of one template some of the slides can work for you the best and some can be not that successful. Just feel free to delete the unwanted to leave only the super matches.

Let’s Summarize

Ready-designed wedding PowerPoint templates made it much easier for the wedding industry to deliver the desired result to a client fast, showcase wedding preparation services effectively and be more professional overall.


Next time you’ll be preparing a presentation we wholeheartedly recommend you to use one of the ready-made editable templates. So, you won’t waste your inspiration on PowerPoint issues and instead will focus on a realization of the client’s dream wedding.