The digital business landscape is a challenging marketplace. It requires time, resources, and constant effort to beat the competition and stand out. Due to many challenges, modern artists have no other way but to cut back on their marketing budgets.

Fortunately, the internet offers various free marketing options and creative ways of promoting your art online. Whether you’re a standalone artist or leader of an art business, the web allows you to leverage your expertise and promote yourself on the many online channels.

Today, we’ll talk about the best approaches for marketing art, so read on.

Start a blog

Blogs offer many benefits to a range of businesses. Starting a blog isn’t only about marketing for artists but an excellent and affordable way to promote your brand. It helps you attract your target audience and offer your services in a personalized manner.

Blogs also allow art brands to connect with their target audiences to establish meaningful connections, sell their art services, and offer a deeper understanding of their expertise. Many artists already have the marketing necessities such as:

  • Website;
  • Content about art;
  • Pricing information;
  • Product descriptions;
  • Product videos and images;
  • Contact information.

However, despite having these essentials, your website is still not seeing the right amount of online traffic. That’s because your target audience doesn’t know your website exists. You have to bring it to them, and starting a blog is the best way to do it.

On the other hand, search engines like Google love blogs. Because of that, a blog can help you improve your SEO rankings and make your website more visible to wider audiences.

Harness the power of social media

Social media networks like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn are the most effective way to build a brand image and reputation for your art business. A strong, reputable, and trustworthy brand image provides social proof to your potential prospects and communicates credibility to your business associates, peers, and consumers.

Social media websites reshaped the way people communicate. Therefore, it reshaped the marketplace as well. Since different social media channels gather different audiences, joining these networks is an excellent opportunity to widen your online reach and establish a massive following.

You can use various options for promoting your work on social media channels to drive thousands of prospects to your website/blog, ask for feedback, gather positive user reviews, and grow your business through positive client testimonials.

Use video content

Videos are the most effective way of sharing your art with the world. Internet users best react to video content online, making videos the best marketing strategy for attracting clients to your art business. Entertaining, appealing, and educative videos can drive more traffic to your website and blog by generating hundreds of thousands of views.

On the other hand, YouTube is the second largest search engine, right next to Google. Consider accompanying your blog posts with occasional attention-grabbing videos. Uploading videos to YouTube and embedding them on your website is easy.

It ensures your art business benefits from the traffic YouTube gathers. However, you must know your audience to gear your video content toward their preferences.

Guest blogging

Guest blogging refers to guest posting on other business-related blogs. It’s an excellent way to drive more visitors to your website and promote your artwork to new clients. Find other art-related blogs and team up with their owners to create promotional guest content for them.

You can vary your content by including helpful art tips, how-to tutorials, inspiring stories, artist interviews, etc. Guest posts should consist of two essential elements:

  • A description of your work;
  • A link back to your blog and website.

Guest blogging allows you to drive traffic to your artwork and send potential clients down the sales funnel to generate revenue. It can also help you establish a brand image as an authoritative and credible expert in your field.

Join online forums

Art-related forums are quite an effective method of gathering more clients, potential associates, and partners. They allow you to become an active and authoritative member of art-related online communities.

The internet is an abundant source of Q&A websites and forums where you can communicate with other experts in your field and promote your brand even further.

Publish ebooks for free

Publishing ebooks isn’t only a great way to get more traffic to your website but connect with aspiring artists and create numerous marketing opportunities. Free ebooks can significantly increase the number of your website visitors and attract more readers to your blog posts.

Since they are free, people interested in your artworks are more likely to read them and recommend them to friends and acquaintances. Because of that, they are an excellent material for building your art business and brand awareness.


You don’t need millions to promote your artwork over the internet. However, you need some wit and effort to cope with the latest trends in your business niche, marketplace, and industry.

Make sure you understand how things work in your line of business and research your competitors to learn from their examples.

You can often find effective marketing strategies on competitor websites, social media pages, and blogs. Personalize their tactics and use them to your advantage to drive more traffic to your website and grow your art business.