International SEO is important if you are trying to target a global audience or you want to grow your business on an international level. It’s more complicated than ‘normal SEO’ and correct implementation is vital for success.

What is International SEO?

International SEO is when a website is optimized so it can be discovered in the search engines of the languages and countries you want to target. It’s vital if you want your business to target multiple countries.

Why Can’t I Implement International SEO Myself?

It can be a challenge managing strategies across multiple countries and languages, whilst understanding what keywords to target and how to effectively track performance. The amount of knowledge needed requires a team of experts in order to successfully implement and manage an international SEO campaign.

Why is an International SEO Agency Beneficial?

If you use an SEO agency that specializes in international SEO, your strategy and campaign will be armed with a wealth of knowledge. When you’re targeting different countries, it’s important to consider the language and cultural differences. The keyword research completed will need to be localized to ensure that it’s relevant to the audience, culture, and matches the search intent. Without the correct keyword research, it’s unlikely that your website will rank high and it may be difficult for your target audience to discover your products and/or services online.

Another benefit is that you can utilize specialists who are native speakers which is critical as incorrect translations can have a devastating impact on even the best and most thorough digital marketing strategy. They also have the in-depth knowledge required to understand different search engines, as Google is not the most popular in every country. For example, in China the most popular is Baidu, so in order to target this market you will need to understand Baidu and the algorithm updates over the years.

A specialist agency will be able to advise what domain strategy will work best for your business goals. This is a vital part of technical SEO if you want your website to be discovered internationally as subdomains, subdirectories, or country-coded top-level domains need to be implemented. This can be a complicated process that can mess up your website and current traffic if not done correctly.


As explained there is a high level of expert knowledge and a team of people needed in order to successfully manage and implement a strategy, so using an international SEO agency such as GA Agency which specializes in international SEO is important. It also gives you and your business peace of mind, as you know that you can achieve your business goals and that they align with the values of your business too.