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As most property owners already know, consistently tending to every inch of your home is essential. From the basement to the driveway, there are tasks that simply cannot be avoided.

1. Remember: Safety Always Comes First

Oftentimes, the most overused parts of one’s house are also the most overlooked. Maintenance must sometimes be undertaken for the sole purpose of ensuring your family’s safety. Take, for example, your asphalt driveway. Without proper care, it can quickly develop cracks and, eventually, tripping hazards.

Not only that, without proper care, your asphalt’s lifespan will dwindle and begin to look decrepit. As a homeowner, one of the most stressful thoughts is that of a home that doesn’t receive many compliments from neighbours regarding its aesthetic appearance.

Without attentiveness to home maintenance, your driveway may crack faster than expected, and need to be replaced much sooner than your wallet had anticipated.

Fortunately, there are ways to avoid this, so your asphalt can look as fresh as the day it was laid out. With the following tips, there’s a strong likelihood that your driveway will remain sturdy and functional for at least a decade.

2. Let an Expert Tend to Your Asphalt

If the thought of taking on asphalt on your own is too daunting, it’s probably best to have someone else do the dirty work around your home exterior.

It’s a good idea to have your asphalt driveway maintained by experienced specialists. If you’re looking for service providers who are local, it’s best to choose ones who are trusted in your neighbourhood.

Experimenting with different local service providers can be a game changer, like Seal-A-Drive and their team of asphalt maestros. This company has dedicated its time and resources to serving thousands of homeowners and businesses over the years.

If you’re hoping to avoid contractors with a bad reputation or businesses with little experience, then research is required. If a business doesn’t have a website, be wary of their services. With that in mind, it’s essential to:

  • Ask for recommendations around your neighbourhood
  • Search for positive reviews and a large online presence
  • Read up on the company’s philosophy
  • Call in to ask questions and develop a rapport with contractors
  • Do as much research as possible

A company like Seal-A-Drive is renowned because they offer excellent premium asphalt maintenance at extremely reasonable prices. In the unlikely event that an issue arises with their craftsmanship, they also offer exceptional customer service.

This contractor will sealcoat your driveway and even repair cracks, potholes, drainage issues, and other problems.

Signpost listings can easily turn out to be a scam. You never know who is really posting these DIY advertisements. The wrong contractor may disappear after accepting an advanced payment for home maintenance.

3. Be Mindful of Materials

Unlike most home repair projects, you can’t patch up asphalt with duct tape. Without quality products, there are parts of your home that simply won’t survive or operate the way it used to.

If you live in an icier climate, with long, drawn out winters, your asphalt will probably be cracking more often than the driveway of say, someone living in California.

Cracks and indentations are further damaging without gentler tools. Much like kitchenware, it’s best not to use abrasive chemicals that can quickly weaken the integrity of asphalt.

Always clean your driveway with gentle tools. Avoid using a metal brush for your driveway, as the metal strands can break into the surface and result in issues later. Likewise, use a mild cleaning solution and avoid abrasive chemicals.

4. Keep Winter in Mind Throughout the Year

If you live in a cold climate, then snow can undoubtedly be a nuisance during the winter. Snow and frost can cover your driveway and make it challenging to walk or drive your car. It’s a necessary to use de-icing salt sparingly. Although it may still be summer, it’s best to stock up on these materials ahead of time and prepare for the absolute worst.

Alternatively, you can use the summer months as an opportunity to buy a snow blower at a discount. These devices are much gentler on asphalt and ultimately more environmentally friendly.

With the right tools, habits, and professional help, you can ensure that your asphalt driveway looks great and lasts a lifetime.