Those who love all things space, astronomy or even science fiction will truly love these space tattoo design ideas. These astronomy tattoos feature some truly beautiful tattoo designs and creative concepts depicting stars, planets, galaxies and other artistic shapes and symbols like star signs.

Space, our solar system and the wider universe has transfixed mankind since our earliest historical records. Even as technology advances rapidly in the current century we still wonder about our relevance and origin among the stars.

As explorers we look to the stars and while it maybe several generations before human beings travel to other solar systems. We are nevertheless mesmerized by space facts and the prospect of what mystical riches and challenges might await us. In the meantime we study the planets, the moons, the swirling galaxies and nebula from afar with the help of the best telescopes available and wait patiently for our time to come.

Space Tattoo Designs

Space Tattoo Designs : These out of this world space tattoo designs will send you to the moon and back

As we learn more about the planets, our moons, solar system and home galaxy the Milky Way we find more and more material to inspire our creative designs. The exciting prospect of sharing our universe with extraterrestrials and UFO’s is frequently addressed in both science fiction and science fact. Popular culture is full of films such as the imaginary Alien franchise along side more realistic portrayals of space such as depicted in ‘The Martian.’

How Space Inspires Tattoo Designers

Space provides graphic designers, game architects and fantasy artists with an almost unlimited array of incredible imagery to draw inspiration from. While many of us will sleep peacefully at night dreaming of exploring the stars and learning what wonders may lie further out from our solar system.

Any form of tattoo design is expressive but space tattoos allow body art to visualize the true vastness of space on the human body. Space themed tattoos and body art accomplish this in the form of fantastic depictions of nebula, planets, stars, moons and spiral galaxies to name but a few.

For those of us who adore everything to do with space and the universe. A science fiction tattoo or any kind of galactic body art is the ultimate expression of dedication to the solar system and what lies beyond.

Quick Space Facts You May Not Know

  • The Sun is over 300000 times larger than planet Earth.
  • Halley’s Comet was last seen in the inner Solar System in 1986, it will be visible again from Earth sometime in 2061 (get your camera ready).
  • Venus is the hottest planet in our solar system with a surface temperature of over 450 degrees Celsius.
  • Many scientists believe that an asteroid impact caused the extinction of the dinosaurs around 65 million years ago.
  • The Solar System formed around 4.6 billion years ago. That is a very long time ago.
  • The Moon appears to have more craters and scars than Earth because it has a lot less natural activity going on. The Earth is constantly reforming its surface through earthquakes, erosion, rain, wind and plants growing on the surface, while the moon has very little weather to alter its appearance.
  • Saturn isn’t the only ringed planet either, other gas giants such as Jupiter, Uranus and Neptune also have rings, they are just less obvious. Even the Earth is thought to have incredibly faint rings.
  • Footprints and tyre tracks left behind by astronauts on the moon will stay there forever as there is no wind to blow them away.

45 Space Tattoo Designs That Are Out Of This World

If you’re thinking about getting a space themed tattoo and love all things space, science fiction, space facts and astronomy. Why not get some tattoo design inspiration that is out of this world right here at DesignBump!

Now scroll down and get some space tattoo eye candy! Many of these space tattoo designs and body art use amazing color work, textures and shading to create amazing space tattoos. Bringing the glory of our solar system and the wider universe to the human body.

Space themed arm tattoo design

Space themed arm tattoo design : This body art style depicts a space ship exploring our solar system.

Stars galaxies, planets and nebula populate this science fiction tattoo design.

Stars galaxies, planets and nebula populate this science fiction tattoo design.

Starship tattoos

This tasteful back art tattoo illustrates the vastness of space alongside an array of starships.

constellation tattoos

Constellations and nebula dominate this huge space body art design.

space arm tattoos

Galactic symbols are a feature of this space tattoo example that sits on the forearm.

galaxy tattoo designs

This tattoo depicts a swirling galaxy and sits neatly on the shoulder.

stag tattoo ideas

This vibrant red nebula style tattoo depicts a stag.

constellation tattoo ideas

More constellation themed body art in this very precise example.

space arm tattoos

This full arm length tattoo illustrates the majesty of the planets in our solar system.

space tattoo examples

This space tattoo is a particularly bold example using very strong contrasting colors

space body art

This interesting example makes the body art appear as if it is below the skin level.

space tattoo designs

With this space tattoo obvious sources of inspiration include photos of our galaxy as taken by the telescope Hubble.

planet tattoo designs

This awesome forearm tat illustrates the planets of the solar system from beginning to end.

space themed tattoo

Another space themed tattoo this time on the upper arm and in strong black colors

planet tattoos

This vibrant and colorful example exhibits a number of large planets into the design.

space body art

This large body space design is truly massive and bursting with color and images of creation.

feet body art space

A planet divided unless that is you keep your feet together.

Saturn tattoos

The rings and moons of what is possibly Saturn in this upper arm space tattoo design.

space body art examples

This design run and entire arm and depicts the journey from Earth to space and beyond.

astro tattoos

A myriad of space scenes are on display in this full color illustrative example, from planets to astronauts.

solar system tattoos

This cool solar system tattoo in black inks depicts planets orbiting our sun.

More Awesome Space Tattoos and Galactic Body Art

So you looked at the first 20 or so space tattoos? Perhaps they have well and truly spaced you out? After all with al this space themed body art it can be pretty hard to choose the most awesome space design. Are you truly inspired yet to design your first solar system tattoo?

If you don’t like generic space tattoos then why not consider a science fiction themed tattoo instead? Such as Star Wars tattoos, Buck Rogers tattoo, Flash Gordon tattoo, Star Trek Tattoos or even Battlestar Galactica tattoos.

Or perhaps try popular space characters such as Han Solo, Starbuck or Mr Spock for example. Otherwise keep reading on, as there are plenty more examples of stunning solar system, science fiction and interplanetary body art to enjoy and inspire right here.

universe tattoos

Impressive colors here as the design moves from Earth to space.

planet tattoos

This subtle back tattoo depicts the planets of the solar system and even looks good with the long red hair worn by the model.

constellation tattoos

This interesting constellation tattoo shows a whale with inset stars. This is a nice and rather unique example of the creativity that is possible when applying space themed body art.

constellation body art

As with the whale design this example adopts a similar style. This time a bird is the subject with the stars once again inset into the design.

solar system body art

This full upper back and shoulder tattoo displays a myriad of planets and popular galactic scenes from around the cosmos.

space pictures

This body art is a full sleeve of fantastic space images and solar system pictures all on one arm. Planets and the sun complete with their orbital rings complete the design.

cloud tattoos

This full sleeve is slightly different and show what is perhaps the journey from the clouds in the upper atmosphere all the way up into space and beyond.

ufo tattoos

This design adopts a slightly different stance being more of a UFO tattoo design. Here we see a flying saucer abducting a black cat under the watch of the crescent moon.

star tattoos

Another example depicting space within. The design gives the impression by tricking the perception that the skin is ruptured in the shape of a star. Within the rupture lies the vastness of cold space.

moon tattoos

A simple black ink forearm design depicting the changing states of our moon across the month.

galaxy tattoos

This high impact design shows a burning bright spiral galaxy emblazoned onto the upper hand and wrist area.

universe tattoos

Another full sleeve design showing the journey from land ( Earth ) into space and far beyond.

constellation body art

A constellation style design, in this instance in the shape of an elephant. Stars and nebula decorate the interior.

cosmos tattoos

The rich colors of the deep cosmos in all their galactic glory in this arm design.

planet tattoos

Planets scattered across the entire length of the arm in dark ink.

tree of life tattoo

This tree of life style tattoo design is a fairly original example not often seen.

constellation tattoos

Another animal themed space design, this time depicting a large owl that transitions into stars.

minimalist space tattoos

This subtle and minimalist space tattoo simply shows part of a constellation or star chart in black ink.

space symbol designs

Mixing space and symbols with this colorful example of galactic body art.

nebula tattoos

This full upper shoulder and back design displays various images of the solar system from planets to distant nebula.

star chart tattoos

This mid arm design is interesting as it illustrates a planet amid constellations, quite unique actually.

star chart body art

In a similar style to the previous design here we see a polar bear etched within the stars and the constellations found in space.

nebula tattoos

Finally another star chart styled tattoo from the same set. This time the space body art uses a deer as the subject. While stars and nebula sparkle in the background.

We are sure that you will agree that all of these space tattoo design are absolutely galactic in every way. If you think these space tattoo ideas are cool then you may also like our feature on math and science body art.

Final Thought

If you are considering any kind of space tattoo then take your top ten space body art designs and concept art to your tattoo artist or designer.

Here you can properly discuss what kind of space tattoo design, or science fiction themed imagery will look best and where it should go on your person. Always accept professional advice when considering any form of body modification.