Singapore Design Singapore For Your Living Space

Choosing a wallpaper Singapore design that suits your home interior design and personal style can be a meticulous task. With a large selection of shades, structures and also application requirements, it can seem utterly difficult to find the right wallpaper design. To help make it easier for you to select the best design, we have collected a detailed list of some common wallpaper designs to assist you make the best choice for your home’s wallpaper, regardless of whether you are new to wallpaper or have had experience with choosing wallpaper before.

Chalkboard Wallpaper

The chalkboard wallpaper design creates a texture on your wall surface that you can draw on. Its darker coloured backdrop offers an aesthetically enticing contrast to the brighter element in your home. This is both fresh and modern-day concept that many families with children like to implement. Chalkboard wallpapers also give your children creative freedom to draw without damaging your walls.

Architectural Wallpaper

Perfect for those that like architecture and building structures, this wallpaper will genuinely reflect your love for buildings as well as old art. With an attractive vintage touch, this wallpaper will definitely amp up the ambience of your space. Featuring stunning oldened pillars and complex style, the wallpaper is sure to gather a lot of attention from your visitors. The best part, it reflects your personal liking for architecture.

Wooden Wallpaper

A modern wallpaper for those that such as to maintain it advanced as well as classy, this wallpaper can absolutely add a touch of vintage to your home decoration. This wallpaper featuring a wood style all over has a light colour and also can match vivid and brilliantly coloured furniture.

Flocked Wallpaper

Crowded wallpapers have patterns with a felt-like fiber that resembles velour. Considering that they’re one of the older styles of wallpaper, they fell out of support for several years as being as well busy and old-fashioned. New styles and designs are bringing them back into style, however they’re finest for reduced moisture and reduced traffic spaces such as dining rooms.

Spiritual Wallpapers

These wallpapers are best for those who like to include spiritual effigies to their house design. Giving a spiritual touch to your overall house decoration, these wallpapers likewise add some colour and serenity to your area. Mostly detected in the main hall of a home, these wallpapers can fit in well with light coloured furniture as well as accessories.

3D Wallpapers

This 3D designer wallpaper ensures to include that Midas-touch to your house. Including a flower style all over, this 3D wallpaper appropriates for those who want to bring a streak of modern touch to their house decoration. Get this impressive wallpaper and also present right in front of it to obtain some elegant Instagram-worthy images.

Floral Wallpaper

An elegant enhancement to your home interior design, this wallpaper can offer your room the imperial appearance it is entitled to. Utilize it as a background in your main hall or in a bedroom to spruce it up. A trendy layout with soft, pastel colours, this wallpaper is excellent for those who want to maintain it classy and also eye-catching at one time.